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methotrexate and blood tests

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Hi all, just wondered what people on methotrexate are doing about there monthly blood test, there doesn't seem to be any going on at my rheumatology clinic at the hospital, besides which I am not supposed to be going anywhere as I come under vunrerable, thanks.

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It depends, so you need to contact whoever orders your blood tests - GP or rheumy. With some people who are stable then bloods moved to every 3 months, with other blood is taken at GP surgery at special sessions or a special area of hospital.

I’ve had mine this morning at my GP surgery. Rheumatology have moved most people in our area to 12 week testing (notified by letter). My twelve weeks test was due anyway. I had a brief telephone question session first this morning, to basically check I wasn’t having Covid symptoms, and then asked in for the bloodtest. I was given advice about using a different entrance and where to stand outside to wait until I was called in. The nurses had masks and visor face protection, all seemed very efficient.

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Boxerlady in reply to girli1969

I've had 2 blood tests since the lock down which were very different experiences to the each other. The first one, 2 weeks ago was at the surgery. Deserted building - only saw the phlebotomist. Then yesterday I went to a clinic at a local small hospital. It's usually a drop in centre (which I wouldn't have attended) but as it was now appointment-only I booked online. Seating was in a narrow corridor so although the seats were spaced correctly, people had to pass quite close to get in and out and there were several waiting to be called which surprised me as online it looked like you'd be given slots at 10 min intervals. The procedure wasn't clear so one guy walked past everyone only to be told to wait and he was obviously unconcerned by distancing....

This time the phlebotomists seemed much more relaxed than the one at the surgery which was nice in one way but also made me feel that they were being a bit more casual about it all...

Hopefully I'll be moving onto monthly tests now but I may see if they're still doing them at the surgery.

I am still having mine at Medical Centre. I was going every two weeks (for six weeks) - had the last one last Thursday and it will now be each month for three months.

It will be different for everybody so please contact whoever checksYour blood tests

I live in Northampton and our hospital is still taking blood tests

Well after getting myself in a pickle about going in for my blood test, I got a message from my GP surgery today to say I didn't need to have a test until July, after 'observing clinical guidance'. I'm pretty confused as my last one was back on Jan 31st. Think I'll be calling them up to check what's going on, as that would be pushing 6 months between tests.

Anyhow, definitely best to get in touch with your Gp or Rheumatology team: as people have said here, your GP may have a safe system in place so you can get tested there.

Waiting for phone call from Rheumatology nurse as I have not had blood test since Jan

My GP told me to contact them. Keep well

I am on 3 monthly bloods. The GP sent someone to my house to do mine

GP surgery doing essential bloods and I’m still having mine was monthly back to weekly due to flare and very high CK results. Think it will probably vary in each area. Take care all and stay safe xxxx

I’ve been told to have mine. Go to Hertford hospital and nurse said they are keeping this as a “clean” hospital. But I guess that’s only as far as they know!!!

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MadBunny in reply to Ferret18

I had mine at hertford hospital end of march.They were making everyone wait outside the building and as one came out another went in.Ok if weathers fine!Of course this might have changed now.My gp has now told me not to go for my next one as im high risk so they will send someone out to my house to do it.

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Ferret18 in reply to MadBunny

Thanks for the update.

Fingers crossed the weather remains fine, although have to admit not looking forward to so much close contact.

I’m self isolating as moderate risk (according to some of the charts that have been floating around!!!) not shielding but even so it’s a worry.

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MadBunny in reply to Ferret18

Im now shielding-on biologic as well as mtx I suppose thats why I 'll have someone come to the house.

Hope all goes ok for you.

I have my blood tests at my gp’s surgery and I was there yesterday. My dr said they have increased the time between tests to 6 months for people who have stable blood results. Needless to say that’s not me, but the nurse said she would come to me next time.

I have my 3 monthly blood tests at the hospital. My next was due 24 April but I've since had a letter stating it's cancelled and my next one is now end of July. I suspected this may have happened.

I'm not unduly concerned as my tests have always been fine so far 😊

Hi the nurse comes to my house to do my bloods, was every fortnight, they have changed it to once a month now.

Can’t complain with what is going on around us, still getting good care from the NHS.

Hope everyone is ok, and managing to fill their days.

It’s my birthday on Tuesday I’ll be 56 that will be a sad day as I want see my son or grandchildren.

My mum will phone also my dad, but it’s not the same not getting a cuddle, even at 56 I need a cuddle from my mum and dad😀, lucky to still have them both.

Take care everyone. XX

I am the same but they have dropped my tests to every 2 months as they are stable. When I went for test they were allowing fifteen minutes between tests and advising you to sat in car until time due. It worked perfectly, I met no one and the staff wore gloves and masks.i felt very safe, that was 2 weeks ago and I have had no Covid symptoms. Good luck with yours x

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