NSAIDS affecting blood tests

Good evening, just a quick question. Does Naproxen lower the CRP and ESR levels ?

Nurse trying to get me accepted for biologics, she asked if I would be willing to stop mtx for a month to see if it will make my crp rise, but I can ring straight away if too much discomfort. Wondered after about Naproxen. Do know I can tell if miss one dose.

I take sulphasalazine and Hydrox too max dose of both.

Thanks in advance.

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  • People here have told me they do, and advised me to stop them 2-7 days before blood tests to get accurate results for inflammatory markers.

  • Thank you that's helpful.

  • I also think that NSAIDs such as Naproxen by knocking back inflammation will affect blood tests a bit. But the difference is that the NSAIDs don't hang around for that long, so stopping them for a couple of days before a test could make a difference. But MTX is slower acting, which is why I imagine the nurse is suggesting you stop it now for a test in the future.

  • Thank you for your help. I will try not sure if it will help but give it a try. So frustrating I am weird my markers don't or rarely elevated whatever, but lots of swollen joints. Das score just below requirements at the moment.

  • It can. My GP told me to stop the NSAID & pain relief she prescribed a couple of days before my appointment at the diagnostic clinic. I've passed on this good advice many times since as both can give false results in blood results, imaging & examinations. Some anti inflammatories can have a half-life of up to 60 hours but some only 4 hours, Naproxen's is around 15 hours so maybe stopping it a couple of days before would be an idea? Check with your Rheumy nurse she'll know.

    Good luck qualifying for biologics.

  • Thank you I will do. Never thought of pain meds too. Still on Sulph and hydroxy. She told me to to stop mtx but I don't have to struggle just give her a ring and she will start lef. Only problem was my b.p was high. Don't know what will happen but both the Nurses I saw where brilliant and feel better for that. As for biologics they all agree I should be on them and think I would do well but my bloods always let me down.

    Thank you

  • My rheumy has always advised that NSAIDS don't affect CRP levels, now I am confused.

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