I tried to post earlier but family life must've intervened as I can't find the post.

At present my hands are very sore and inflamed especially in the morning. The worst thing is putting on socks and shoes. Sometimes the difficulty reduces me to tears. I know there are some aids out there but they all seem to be about people who can't bend. Does anyone have any knowledge of things that help with rheumaticy hands?

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  • When my figures could not straight but bent, I kept them under my body before I got out of bed. I sat them under my buttock as much as I could during the day. Finally, they were warm and got more comfortable and the pain was reduced. You may try if it works for you.

  • This seems a bit flippant, but not meant to be...I wear sandals...haven't worn socks and shoes for months....partly because my feet are so odd that enclosing them isn't very good, they get too don't need to use my hands at all...

  • It maybe easier getting soft wide neck sock ( you can get them for men as got some for father in law) . Or the thermal ladies socks from m&s they are v soft . Velcro shoes are easier to put on when pains are bad. I hope this helps a bit , i have achy hands as well but in early stages 😀

  • Thankyou!

  • I bought some sketchers H2O shoes for our holiday. They are brilliant soft and flexible. You can wiggle them on without having to use your hands. Also good to wear without socks.

  • Err.... Your husband? Could he be a useful sock putting on aid?

  • I want to be able to do it myself, he does too much for me already!

  • Morning Cathie,i don't have anything for helping you put your socks on,but i do have something for my fingers. The therapist down at psychio(excuse spelling if it is wrong) she gace me some i think the best way of describing it as tubi grip it is two finger together and you put it over your knuckles and i must admit it has helped my fingers. Though the two fingers are together you are able to use those fingers and i have to say it has helped better than anything i have had so far.xxxxx

  • Thanks I'll ask the physio


  • I wear men's 'fluffy' fabric socks - I think they're actually bed socks, I got them in the winter. They're not too thick though, but very stretchy fabric without a big cuff part so easy to stretch.

    Also you could try pre-streching them so they're easier - I put a (not too 'fat' loo rolls in each sock after they've been washed and dried, so the cuff stays wide :-)

  • Thanks everyone that's a lot of helpful ideas

  • Hi Cathy. When I have stiffness in the mornings I find a hot (not too hot) shower helps to make things move easier. Especially good for shoulders and hands. Hope this helps.x

  • Try the foxy from helping the tapes have loops on them slide your hand through and use the wrists to pull I find it works a treat best of luck to you

  • I can't help with any gadgets to help with putting on socks but I sympathise totally with you. I can't put my socks on, and haven't actually worn socks for over a year. In the winter I wear clogs (not Crocs) and my feet don't seem to get cold.

  • I have back problems and swollen painful fingers. I bought a sock aid with long tapes from amazon. Wrap the tapes round my wrists to save pulling on my fingers. If my husband or sons are around they help and also buckle my sandals. With this lovely weather I am living in my Birkenstocks. ..... no socks or buckles

  • I wear my wife's old black tights cut to below the knee. They're easy to pull on.

  • Sounds like a good recycling !

  • Oh how I know that pain. I spent lots of money on so called aids and not one was of use. Gave up and tried to find loose top socks instead even they were difficult. When the top is loose enough they fall down when you walk. I used my long boot socks out of my Wellington boots in the end. You can buy them with a cuff that fits over the top of Boots they are Very soft and don't hurt your hands so much. hope this helps. big hug

  • Thanks and for the hug

  • This is a fantastic website where you can get info on all sorts of aids to help with daily life tasks.

    I'm an occupational therapist and have never found any of the plastic sock aids to be very helpful! There's a real gap in the market if someone can invent something to help with socks!! This website has some information on extra wide, non elasticated top, seamless and gel socks that might be of help.

  • I wear walking socks with loose tops which I find easier to put on. I find it easier to use my hands in those tight fitting arthritis gloves that the occupational therapist supplies.

  • Hello Cathy, I've been quiet for a while, not much time on my hands, but I have read some of your posts as they have appeared in my email box. Ian and I moved to Wales in May, near family. I wrote a rare post of my own just now. Cathy, I so love to walk around our new flat "bare foot" Can't bare having to put my shoes an socks either, I bet there are lots of us who like being shoeless !!

    I think I read that you had an operation on your knee/knees, or did I dream it ? Anyway, take care Cathy. Xx

  • Where are you in Wales? My father was from near Bridgend in South Wales and we used to always go there for holidays. A long time ago now 1950s and 60s. I hope you're enjoying life there if we weren't so good in Scotland we might well seek refuge in the hills!

    I did have two knees replaced, both reasonably ok compared to accounts I've heard from friends. My main problem now is the RA which hasn't been controlled properly for nearly three years. That slows down my taking the exercise I need to get autonomy back.

    But we're in the highlands just now with grandson so he and my partner Paddy are busy doing energetic 11 year old boy things.

    How's your health?

  • Hi Cathy, it's so nice to hear from you :))

    I'm really pleased for you that your new knees seem to be settling down well.

    We have moved into a wheelchair accessible flat in Llantwit Major, which you might remember is very close to Bridgend. In fact it is our nearest decent shopping area. We absolutely love living here in Wales near our son Jez and his family, including a new little grandson who was born in January. Natalie and Jez have been so helpful and kind since our move here.

    My RA is as dominant in my life as it ever was tut tut, my walking is not good or very quick, in fact I think a snail might well pass me in a race ha ha. Thank heavens for my scooter. But, and it's big but, yesterday I had a follow up appointment after a recent breast scan and I have 2 lumps in my right breast which after further tests and a biopsies yesterday are looking sinister rather than benign. I'll know more on Friday. Apart from a sore boob, I'm feeling amazingly calm at present, long may it continue. You are the first person I've told, I think that's because I'm writing rather than voicing. Sorry Cathy, to do this to you, you've got enough to contend with.

    I hope you find an answer to your shoes and socks problem among the suggestions here. Take care of yourself, and lots of hugs from me too. June xxx

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