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Hi folks,Does anyone have a Kindle or other type of e reader?

I love reading and can't get to sleep without a good book but sometimes my hands ache from holding a book so I have been considering buying one.

Any advice appreciated.

Lyn x

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This subject came up earlier in the year so you might be able to search for it. I bought a Kindle with some birthday money this summer and am very pleased with it:-}

I love reading too and was finding books, especially library books, too heavy and making my wrists and hands very sore. Amazon are considering having a book renting library now that so many people have e-readers.

Cece x


I to have a kindle, it was a birthday present & is the best present I've had for a long time



My hubby has a Kindle - got it from Amazon and I understand they may be on special offer at present. I have an iPad. When we go on holiday we take them with us as they are loaded up with books - saves taking all that weight of books in a suitcase. Wouldn't be without them now and I do find my iPad much easier to manage when hands and wrists are painful.

The Kindle is a reading device but the iPad is of course, a mini computer so I have BBC, Sky, CNN on it as well as other programmes and the ability to surf the net provided I am near a wi fi. Both were very good buys. LavendarLady x



I got one for my birthday in September and can honestly say it is one of the best presents i have ever had. There are so many books you can download and it is much easier to use and hold than a book. I would fully recommend it to anyone but especially anyone RA in wrists and hands. Go for it


Thank you ladies, for your advice.

It's my birthday soon so I think i'll be dropping a few hints to the hubby!!

Lyn xx


I was having such wrist and hand pain that I actually stopped reading for a while....a mothers day gift brought my first kindle and I love it....light and a simple click of the thumbs...which my thumbs don't work well either but it doesn't matter. Easy and pain free....I also had my right wrist fused this January and again ...NO problems.....love it love it!! Good luck.


Hi! I also am having major problems with my wrists and hands and holding library books. I love the novels of James Patterson and David Baldacci, very intriguing, but the books are so painful to hold for long. So I have thought I would like to try a Kindle.

I am very curious about your wrist fusion. That has been suggested to me for my right wrist. Can you now hold a book comfortably? Can you eat soup with a soup spoon? I can't turn my wrist and hand over enough to eat soup from a spoon. Therefore I don't have soup unless it's something smooth I can drink from a cup.

I would really appreciate your views after the fusion, how much did it help? Thanks and stay well! Loret


Sod the Kindle get ya self an iphone 4, you can get kindle on that too lol, Amazon have Kindles for about 87 quid worth a look


I love my kindle too, It's been absolutely brilliant. There is also a top 100 free book list that changes weekly on amazon - so check these out - I've picked up some good books from it.

Kindle is the only ereader that works in the bright sunshine. Last week I was sitting on a hot sandy beach with it - and no problems reading the screen. (ipads, iphones etc - you can't do this with as they don't work in the sun)

It's so light and is also good for hospital waiting rooms!!


How lovely, sitting on a hot sandy beach !!

thank you :-)


I never would have thought that holding a book open would be so uncomfortable on my hands and wrists. I love my Kindle. So easy to hold. Sometimes I set a pillow on my lap and prop it up so I can read with "no hands" :-)


I too had a kindle for my birthday, best present i,ve had. light and easy to use and kind on the aching hands and wrists.


Have an iPad , and simply adore it.


I love my Kindle, my kids bought it for my birthday in may and now I couldn't live without it. So much easier on the hands and wrists and lighter to carry in your bag than a book :)


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