I hate this bloody disease! Arghhhhh 😩

I'll weekend I've had pain in feet, toes & hands... I feel so down, sick of taking so many tablets & paracetamol on top for the pain.

I can't get any enthusiasm up to get to the gym, try to walk to dogs and feet hurt, hands hurt to hold the leads.. Feel like crying all the time.. How much longer will this go on??

Sorry for the rant... Just feel so down...

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  • First off darling big hugs,i do understand why you want to throw your pills down the drain.I have said that numerous times darling.xxxxx

  • I went through a patch like this a few weeks back. Unfortunately there isn't any answer. Sending you hugs.

  • I feel for you this disease really gets you down sometimes but keep fighting your bigger than this awful illness chin up xxx

  • Yeap, wretched disease. Walking the dogs is ok - when they're off the leads! I do love it when they pull in different directions and I'm not ready for it, it sort of splits open the fingers and twists, argh! Then coming back up the gentle hill, knowing I'm going to have to stop for a moment as my feet are hurting and hot.

    None of the medication works for me - even steroid injections have stopped working. I'm just hoping the MTX works this time.

    I'm tired of this, Sara.

  • Oh I so understand! I found the methotrexate a great help and it is well worth trying. I did gradually have to keep increasing dose and now it does not work so well. I am now on biological drug. But many folk are happy on MXT so you may be too!

  • Hi Cathy, I hope it works too. I'll persist with it until they say stop. I had bloods today so I hope they come back ok so I can have my next dose.

    Not giving up yet!

    Thanks :-)

  • It will get better if you persevere. There will be times when you are down but also times when you (almost) forget you have RD. Fight on!

  • Those low moods when they hit are awful and combined with pain they do make you feel like when will this end and frustrated with yourself.

    They do pass I found a lot of support on this site, because so many of us have periods like you are having now we really do know how you feel.

    Would ringing your rheumy nurse help? Or perhaps talking to someone at the

    NRSA helpline, then you may feel more in control of the RA by doing something proactive.

    Best Wishes


  • Ignore the They do pass. Not sure where that came from!!

  • So sorry SaraJHd to hear how your feeling but if it's any help I've been like this for more than a week. My feet,knees,hands & shoulders are very painful getting up from a chair or even off the loo is not easy also painfull. You are not alone I know it doesn't help with the pain & feeling down but try & cope with the RA it doesn't always carry on like this the Sun does shine.

  • Hi, Sorry that you are feeling so low. I think we all get like this from time to time. I did last week, totally sick of being sick with this disease. Gentle hugs and hoping that it will pass real soon. xxx

  • Paracetamol did not cut it for me either after only a couple of days and I was never previously a 'pill popper' - reluctant to even accept antibiotics when recommended. Pain relief only came with Co-codamol, so IMHO you would do well to ask your Rheumy if a painkiller stronger than Paracetamol is feasible for a short time?

  • You feel like I do but I do have good times too.Been round shops with hubby today n am ready to drop n can't get dress to fit as steroids made me put on weight.cant give you answer only to do ranting n crying as your appointments with rheumy. Sometimes it helps.hope you get some medication that works for you soon.some work for some n not others.big hugs to you

  • So sorry to hear this, think we all get to feel like this, but it doesn't help us when it happens, are you on any treatment for your ra other than painkillers?

  • Hi Sara. You will have good and bad days but persevere. Things will improve. x

  • hi SaraJHD, we are all with you all the way, it's good to have a rant every now and then, I had mine on here last week after a terrible night and day, my meds not working yet either and have just decided to sell my house and downsize to a flat/bungalow as I am tired of sleeping downstairs as my feet, knees and hips are too painful to get up the stairs. We've got to keep looking forward to the good days that are hopefully ahead of us, there's plenty of good people here offering support and well wishes, good luck to you \m/ \m/

  • Hi Hun

    I really feel for you I know exactly where your coming from. I to hate taking the tablets especially at the moment as I don't feel like they are working. I am in constant pain and struggling at work. I just want my life back. I am stuck in a life which I'm not used to. I have stopped going out as I can't really enjoy myself without having a few social drinks. This disease has totally changed my personality I used to be a strong person that would never let anything get to me but this has totally wiped me out I feel so useless most of the time. I feel like stopping all my medication but the pain can get unbearable. You would think with all modern technology they would find a drug what actually worked without taking all the other crap that goes with this disease. Anyway Hun chin up and stay strong we will beat this x

  • Thanks everyone.. & Kazwilks that's exactly how I feel.. used to be so outgoing.. now a wreck.. but just got back from hospital having had a steroid injection & the promise of 'trial' gloves when this wears off.. I'm willing to try anything at the mo! Wish I could find a cure for my feet/toes.. In fact I just need a new body full stop!

  • Hello I'm so sorry you feel like this. It's hard to know what to say isn't it? I feel exactly the same, but it's not me with RA it's hubby. Last week we felt reasonably cheered as meds seemed to be working, and he was even thinking in a few months of going back to work 1 or 2 days a week. we need the damn money on top of all the usual worries espec when I lose my job. After 6 life changing months of this damn illness we are trying to accept that hubby will have good days then bad days. I hope that's the same for you? I always thought I was a positive person, and I do try to be, but oh boy, how difficult is that!! Try and make it to the gym though. Sure you'll feel more buoyed up after a session even if you pay the price later. I've started back swimming, I gave up all my fitness activities for the first time ever, but now I force myself back at least for a swim, as I do feel in a better mood afterwards. We mustn't let this damn RA win!! Best wishes, Sue xx

  • I empathise as, I've had painful hands & feet for several months now. Despite seeing consultant last month no help given! No wonder we get fed up! This site at times is the only thing that keeps me going! X

  • I can so empathise as I have had painful hands & feet for several months now & seeing consultant last month was no help! No wonder we get down. At times this site is the only thing that's kept me going! Chin up! Xx

  • Thank you all who have sent hugs & best wishes..

    After so many months of bad, bleeding stomach following the Leflunomide & then the Ramipril to counteract the high blood pressure set off by the Lef, constant aches & pain in places I've not had pain before... fingers, wrists, knees, Shoulders aching so much it feels like I can't support my own head, toe joints swollen in agony when you have dogs to walk daily.. & where the hell did the bunions come from when I've ALWAYS looked after my feet?!

    I'm starting to feel that now FINALLY, following a visit to my Rheumy on Tuesday and a steroid injection in my bum.. that things are starting to get back to normal :O) Even though I still have the bunions :O(

    My stomach has finally cleared up after 3 weeks off the Ramipril (replaced by Amlodipine) I have learnt that my body cannot tolerate Omeprazole, Napraxen, Leflunomide or Ramipril - I REALLY hope the Amlodipine doesn't come with any substantial side affects..

    I have another 2 months to find out if the triple therapy is working.. but was a little worried when he mentioned Fibromyalgia when I saw him on Tuesday.. MTX, Sulpha & Hydroxychloroquine are enough to take at the moment & my husband really doesn't understand.. he doesn't even like taking paracetamol for a headache!

    But having been through all this I'm so glad I have an understanding Rheumy Team to put up with me! And all you guys out there.. you know what we go through, some more than others..

    It's true that if you don't have it, it's hard to understand, try explaining to a boss who's NEVER been to the Doctors you have to go for bloods every two weeks and hobble around the office in pain because your feet hurt..

    Going to force my self to the Gym and do my session on the bike & cross trainer after work - I do feel better for doing it and I know it will do me good in the long run :O)

    Stay strong & don't let it beat you!

    Thanks all again

    Sara xx

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