Hi guys

Thought that I would share this with you. I have RA for a while now, However. it is under control. I am on Salazophyrin. In addition to this I have fresh grated ginger and freshly sqeezed lemon in warm water first thing in the morning. I feel great. I think the ginger helps with the inflamation. Worth a try!

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  • Thanks for sharing the ginger tip! M x

  • I think I must be the exception. I've had nausea with sulfasalazine, tried ginger as it's helped before but not so this time for some reason. It is worth trying though. Happily an anti-emetic prescribed by a GP did the trick.

  • Hi.

    Thanks for this post I have read numerous things about ginger and inflammation but am unsure of the amounts to use.

    Would you mind sharing your recipe for your morning drink?

    I like both ginger and lemon and use them in a lot of my recipes but not a drink.

    Thanks in anticipation.



  • Hi

    Its fairly simple. I just grate a very small piece of ginger into a tea cup (approximately 5 grams) . I pour in some hot water , about a third of the cup, and I let it soak for a few minutes. I then add a little more water , ensuring that the water is now warm and not hot. I then sqeeze some lemon juice into the ginger water. i think its all about the taste. You can adjust as you go along, The drink is very tasty. I drink it first thing in the morning before anything else. It will be wise to brush your teeth first because of the lemon.

  • Thank you Gitaga for sharing that.

    I will try this tomorrow- I have just used my last lemon for something else today so will restock in the morning.

    Looking forward to it as these are two of my favourite flavours and hopefully it will help with my inflammation.

    Thanks for the tip on cleaning teeth first.



  • Yes, ginger help in inflammation. Turmeric too. I mix turmeric power with honey in warm water. You can try too.

  • good idea with the ginger, I will try this too, thanks

  • Lemon alkalises your body. If you add black pepper to the tumaric it makes it 2000 times more powerful also you should have some kind of fat with it, I have organic butter xx

  • I will try to add the black pepper to try that out. Sometimes I use lemon with honey and ginger.

  • thats interesting. I've never heard of adding black pepper and fat before. Do you know as to why that helps as Im curious!

  • hi thanks will try my wife and I have found bell peppers to be helpful too

  • I think it has to be black pepper. Not sure why exactly. Xx

  • I have the same Amy 😊 With green tea. I also don't drink tap water, for a load of reasons fluoride , chlorine and medications..... I use a water distiller. Takes all of the bad stuff out xx

  • Look up black seed oil!!! Best health tip ever 😊😊😊 xx

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