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Help please with RA drugs

Hi, diagnosed with RA in 2014,put on Sulfasalazine but couldn't tolerate it, then started on Quinoric, and still on it. Can't take Methotrexate as I have lung fibrosis Been told I have the start of cataracts ( from Quinoric) , but most biologics are out due to my lung fibrosis as they will make things worse My query is this, as I also have fibromyalgia and osteoathritis as well, can anyone recommend any other things I can try for the pain( - I take turmeric, boswellia and ginger ) .I can't take any opiate pain killers as I have very severe life threatening reaction to them.can only take Naproxyn.Becoming very depressed about my situation as I live alone , the pain is very bad ,and have no one to help me.

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Hello HillaryWB,

I am very sorry you are in such a difficult situation. If you have a hard time finding meds that will help perhaps you could think about AIP diet that has shown to decrease inflammation quite effectively. LDN is another med you may want to look in to. Has shown good results in many autoimmune conditions. It is a immunesystem modulator, without side effects and can be taken alongside other meds. More info Good luck.



I wish I could think of something that would ease your situation, I have experienced severe attacks of RA which is very painful, I understand how you are feeling. In extreme attacks I try listening to meditation or mindfulness tapes/cd's I feel the need to try and focus on something other than the pain. My daughter swears by hypnosis and uses Paul McKenna tape/cd or mp3 player, however you are able to listen to this type of thing. I use ear plugs with my iPad or computer. Have look around the internet for a meditation or hypnosis recording that suits you, most will give you a sample listening, I usually choose the one with the most soothing voice! It doesn't cure the pain but gives you the means to divert yourself from the pain?

I also believe having people chat to online, like this site, is very helpful and once you get immersed into the every day messaging, it is like having a 2nd family :) sending lots of healing thoughts and prayers. xxxx

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Thank you so much, all of you.

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Hi Hilary

Just wanted to add a few more possible sources of information/help.

The British Pain Society provide very helpful information and advice in their booklets which you can access on this link

There are also another couple of websites that I would suggest: - helpline number 0300 123 0789 - the site also has a series of videos, some of which look at self management techniques. - support for those living with chronic pain.

I also wonder if you have ever been offered access to a pain management service, if not this is possibly something that you could discuss with your GP.

I very much hope that you soon find something that gives you some relief.

Best wishes


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CBD oil, ie medicinal cannabis oil. It is legal in that form and doesn't get you high but it might help you.


Hi HilaryWB,

Another suggestion for you, if you've not already tried them - wheatbags and cold packs.

I find them very soothing, especially the wheatbags. Not advertising here :-) but WheatbagsRus make all shapes and sizes, lavender and fragrance-free. (Personally I like them without fragrance) Also very quick postage. Usually have one about my person :-)

Coolpaks feel like they take the heat out of hot joints.

Also, as yotelecom mentioned above, meditation/relaxation. Maybe have a look around YouTube there are all sorts. I like the guided relaxation ones, also the nature sounds ones. :-) whatever takes your fancy.

Hope you find something that helps HilaryWB.

Take care xxxx


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