Hi guys thought i would share

Thought i would let others know about my small marvel!!!!

some time ago my consultant decided that my drugs were not working like they should. (sulph.and hydroxy) Have been put on MTX and sulph until the MTX kick in. to find i could not handle the side effects. So when i saw the rheumy nurse about six weeks ago was told to stop MTX. I was given a steroid jab and a appointment to see the consultant on Aug 21.

Can only say the RA has really come back with vengeance as the steroids have worn off.

By complete accident i put to much ginger on my melon. Next day i felt like i used to. I have been making a fusion of ginger with a sweetener. (SCHWARTZ GROUND GINGER) Can't say it tastes nice but my pain and swelling have gone write down. For me its a dam good anti-inflammatory. Hope this might be of use to others

Best wishes to all Christinexx

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  • That's really good to know and I'm so glad you are finding ginger helps relieve some of your pain and inflammation. I love ginger and always drink at least one cup of ginger tea a day. I have fresh ginger in curries and whole ginger in syrup occasionally when I want a boost. I started loving it when I was pregnant and had morning sickness and I found it took the edge off and helped with unpleasant taste. Since MTX it has been a lifesaver and when I was on the higher dose I was always sucking at ginger or sipping ginger ale because of the rotten taste I suffered. I know it also works as an anti-inflammatory so it's great that you are into it as well. Tilda x

  • To be honest have been quite staggered on how well it has work for me. From now on i will be using ginger a lot more. I think turmeric and red pepper are also good anti- inflammatory.Its so good to feel brighter.xx

  • Hi there, am going to try it, I love the idea of natural products making a difference. Glad it is working for you so well xx

  • Hi i really hope it helps you too xx

  • ah I used to use it for morning sickness, dont know if thats still PC though! Hows the new job going?

  • Hi you Tilda said that too!Not tried that only got a stepson bless him. Its not me with a new job still got Halfords but ta for inquiring. Nice to have you back after your hols. Sounds like you had a good time. Still waiting for our hols off to Wales will be taking my wellies sure it will rainxx

  • I love ginger but tend to use it only in the winter for hot drinks. As I can't take painkillers, I'll go out & buy some today & give a go. Thanks x

  • I truly hope it works for you. Because its been an eye opener for me x

  • If ginger works for you, then a lot easier way is to use the crushed ginger that comes in a jar. I make a hot drink with about a quarter teaspoon or a little more of ginger, a splash of lemon juice and a bit of honey and its lovely. I also put ginger and lemon into a bottle of sparkling water if I want a cold drink.

    In the past I also used to do a hot ginger and lemon drink with just a slice of root ginger in a cup and boiling water poured over it. Both the root ginger and the crushed ginger are a whole lot easier than trying to make a drink from the powdered stuff.

    I'm definitely one who gets on well with loads of ginger, garlic and really hot chillis

  • Thanks i will give that a go x

  • I've started using fresh ginger in curry. I'm drinking some natural ginger cordial at the moment, it is quite dear but hot as anything and I do think it helps with the nausea. Be careful of artificial sweeteners, some of them can cause joint pain! xxx

  • I will keep that in mind re the sweeteners thank you x

  • Oh I love ginger in my food as I have reflux and it helps settle it down a bit. We also drink some ginger tea before going out on boats fishing for those who get queasy

  • Ginger it seems has a reputation for helping with sickness. Long may it last re keeping pain and swelling at bay, Its been bliss x

  • Never tried ginger thanks for idea every thing else has failed so willing to try anything thanks again Chris x

  • Truly hope it helps you. Its been great for me x

  • Used ginger tea for some time for nausea and colds or just when I need a boost on a cold day. Good to have a reason to indulge regularly. Crabbies ginger beer here I come!

  • That sounds a fab idea x

  • Hi never tried ginger will get some today as no longer allowed to take naproxen Karen x

  • So hope it works for you x

  • Hi

    When first diagnosed I bought both ginger and turmeric capsules online as has read about their anti-inflammatory properties. My rheummy then cautioned against it as he said in early stages we might get confused with what was helping my RA, I.e. the DMARDs or the capsules so I stopped. 18 months on maybe it's time to dust the bottles off and give it a go! Either that or eat more curry, yum!

  • Hi Ronnie in my case i am going to lay the success firmly at the ginger. Hope your reaction will be as good as mind x

  • Love pickled ginger and keep a jar in the fridge. Doc suggested that pickled foods may help with arthritis so I am enjoying beets, cucumbers, okra, etc. I don't know if I can credit the pickled foods with feeling better but something has given me a push.

  • Hi again,

    Thanks for that info on Ginger, i am so pleased you have had a great reaction to it.

    I must admit i love fresh ginger, but I'm not very adventurous now with cooking. I have had some fresh ginger for ages, with the intention of using in stir fry's and curries. Unfortunately, i am not very organized and when it comes to cooking for myself, i am either too tired or in too much pain.

    It certainly is easy though, to make an infusion of ginger,honey and hot water. Glad i read your post as every bodies input has been really helpful.

    I must post a question about foods which are good for building our immunity, especially with going on anti-tnf.

    Vonnie xx

  • Chinese stem ginger in a jar with syrup is lovely added to ice cream, just slice it in, v easy x

  • That sounds lovely Mmmmm x

  • I very much hope you have a good reaction re you impending tnf. Really hope your response to infusion of ginger is as good as mine xx

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