I have been on a program after 20 years of RA to try and rid myself of this dreaded disease. It's called the Paddison program and the founder is Clint Paddison from Australia. G he successfully cured himself. The disease starts in the gut. Check it out and free yourself from this dreaded disease. Many have and still are winning the fight! I am NSAID free and reducing MTX. Have a look!

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  • There seems to be a growing number of those who benefit from the PP. Sounds quite exciting. I am very curious to get some kind of picture of if there are any similarities in those who it works for and would appreciate anything you can tell me of your illness and situation. For example which gender are you, are you seronegative or positive, how long have you been ill, do you have an erosive form of RA, have DMARDS worked and so on. Thank you😊

  • Hi Simba, I'm similarly interested in seeing which types of RA are responding to this program. A few observations I've made is that there seems to be quite a number of men responding favorably and with this disease affecting more woman than men and research (albeit, perhaps it's lacking here, shows that RA is usually worse in woman-I seriously don't know how true that is). It is, however, curious to me that the few men with RA seem to pop up doing well on the Paddison program. Just an observation as I know woman can respond well too- which begs me to ask if they are sero negative.

    Also I'm interested in seeing if more than one person with high anti CCP and erosive RA has seen any benefit. The people I've run across are not anti CCP positive. Does that even matter? I think it does.

    I very much take into account how different this disease presents in everyone but I'm still a little confused why people don't talk much about specific biomarkers because I've seen and read many instances where it makes a difference in research and in real world experience.

    Thanks for bringing up your questions! 😄

  • That is an interesting question. Reflecting on it, I agree the anecdotal evidence from this site is that diet works better for males. I wonder if this is reflected in the literature? I can't find anything myself.

    RA and PSA are very variable diseases, so it raises the question of whether there is a different subset that attacks men? I know reactive arthritis is more common in men, and I have wondered whether for some of the men who have had good results with diet it has been possible because of the nature of their disease. I'm anti-CCP positive, and diet did zilch for me...

    I've recently read interesting research about trying to find more accurate biomarkers for RA & PSA than the two we have which aren't very precise. It seems that the variability of the diseases makes this quite tough. But some positive signs. Which gives me hope as alongside the work on microbiome we could (one day) get to a point where at a very early stage it would be possible to develop a tailored plan for each person to control the disease in the most effective way possible with least possible drugs.

    Another interesting angle is also to stop RA/PSA being triggered in the first place! I read other research recently that included diet alongside smoking, environmental factors etc etc as a likely trigger. So one day test biomakers early, and you might be able to stop the disease before it's even started!

  • We are not far from this, it seems after reading Tom O'Bryens comprahensive overview over newest research ( The Autoimmune Fix). There seems to be many biomarkers that predict future illnesses and that in fact can be tackled before the illness breaks out. This is one important aspect of what integrative, functional medicine is concentrating on.

  • Until the people who deal in functional medicine realise the damage oils do to a body with leaky gut we have no chance of moving forward. Nearly all on PP cannot tolerate oil early on and functional medicine pedals the stuff. Tom O'Bryan is just a money making thing I am afraid. Spams you with emails asking you to buy this that and the other under the Tom O'Bryan umbrella.

  • Maybe.. but his latest book really is one of a kind if you want to get an overview of latest research. It's not his doing he is just reporting what has been done and what studies have shown. Lots of good links to research. Not so sure about the oil bit eather, still working on that one🤔

  • " The Autoimmune Fix"

  • So is this information just hogwash?


  • It is for me because I could show you a trial of me having no flare in my wrists. Take a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil and have a full on blown reaction for 4/5 days after. I am NSAID free and I have nothing protecting my body from RA other than my diet. So for me I would give it a miss. All in the PP would back me ip

  • Back to the effect of oils and fats. Yes there might be a point in the fact that fats and oils increase estrogen wich is probably not a good thing in RA since there is an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone. The effect of the fats may be related to how much imbalance you have in favor of estrogen, which causes inflammation.This reaction one would presume varies from individual to individual and could perhaps be minimized by getting the progesterone levels up with diatary modifications and supplements?🤔

  • Wow must have a read about that. On PP one person reacts to oats and another doesn't. It's a personaljourney where you start off with a clean slate after the cleanse and then the baseline diet. After 2 weeks I was pain free and ready to start the elimination diet. It's a long road which I am still navigating. Stress is very involved to as it upsets your gut. Also there is the environmental stuff. Lots of factors. What are you doing to help your RA?

  • Oats are a bit of a question mark. They are supposed to be gluten free but are very seldom because contaminated by other grains where they are grown or processed. So if you are gluten sensitive you usually react to oats.

    Stress is bad on many levels, it is also a strain on the adrenal gland that is badly stressed out by the overactive immunesystem and is already producing low levels of corticol that in turn gives inflammation more strength.

    I was diagnosed with seronegative RA Dec. 2015. Treating it with AIP, LDN and supplements. Well controlled so far.

  • So after looking I have the seronagative type arthritis. My bloods are always in the normal range and my rheumatoid factor low. You are lucky to be so knowledgable and not on the NSAID tablets the hospital gave me early on that wreaked havoc with my gut. Ibuprofen and diclofenic the main ones. Think I had it up to ten years earlier than diagnoses because of symptoms years ago I misread. My feet were bad on initial X-ray 20 years ago so when did it begin? If I knew then what I do now I may have saved my wrists and hands from damage.

  • Yes I had symptoms years ago but was treated by a very good functional medicine doctor. That supplied me wth a number of supplements to support my immunesystem after thorough analysis of my blood and deficiencies. I think this postponed the breakout with many years. Never understood how serious my situation was😕

  • I have watched all of the betrayal series and I am not saying he is wrong but it's just hard sell. Filled my email box. Buy this buy that. Colostrum tablets only he makes for example. What do you have?

  • Yes I have colostrum powder, nothing to do with O'Bryen😊

  • Does it work? Tom says he is the only one who sells it! Lol. Do you take turmeric? I saw something that you was trying it? I have taken it for 12 months but can't say if it helps at all? Boiled apples are supposed to be awesom too?

  • I have made the golden paste and take it with warm coconut milk every morning. Have cut my pain meds in half in three weeks. So far I think it's helping😊 As long as I need pain meds I will continue with colostrum powder. Saw an interview with him where he said any good quality. powder from amazone is ok. This is where I bought mine.

  • So that would mean you might think you have leaky gut and colostrum is tightening the junctionsin your gut lining. Gluten weakens the junctions.

  • I definitely think I had a leaky gut when starting my AIP. Taking colostrum is more a preventive measure since the pain meds cause gut permeability.

  • What is the colostrum from? Must have a look on amazon.

  • Mine is from Symbiotics

    Colostrum powder plus

  • Reactive arthritis symptoms usually pass when the infection is gone, but it may take some time. What I understand RA medication is not always the best option.

  • I think you are doing the right thing supporting the healthy immunesystem 😊

  • I am so glad to hear that you are thinking about the same questions😊Like you I have also noticed the gender difference. These are some of my thoughts. As research tell us RA sufferers have deficiencies in two major players the hormone progesterone and the mineral potassium.

    Estrogen- progesterone imbalance has been detected in RA. This means that there is excessive estrogen. Estrogen is very proinflammatory. Recent research tell us that supplementing with progesterone decreases inflammation and pain in RA. We also know that RA usually goes into remission during pregnancy, only to pop up again later. Both men and women have progesterone and estrogen, women have a lot more estrogen but men can as well have an imbalance in these hormones. Women with RA often have had typical progesterone deficiency symptoms way before the breakout of RA. Typicly in these women you have fat buildup in thighs, arms, and but. Brittle hair and nails may be a problem, problems with concieving and miscarriages, preeclampsia, premature wrinkles and more.

    Potassium is something that just recently has been studied in RA and the findings have been that in RA potassium levels are usually very low. Research has also shown that supplementing with potassium decreases significantly RA symptoms.

    So what does this have to do with diets? The fact is that both PP and AIP quite effectivly addresses these deficiencies. PP decreases estrogen and increases potassium. The effect in men could be seen as more effective since balancing is easier with less overload of estrogen. When I started my AIP diet I lost quite quickly a lot of fat and decreased thus my estrogen load but I believe this is probably not enough. The effect was stunning in the beginning but I still believe that the progesterone level is still too low as it has evidently been all my life. I am now supplementing with progesterone cream and potassium. Interesting to see if this has any effect.

    These are only two players in the complex biochemistry of of RA. But they are a part of an interconnected whole. Still many dots to connect🤔

  • I take potassium supplements at 5 times the level shown on the bottle. I take magnesium, vitamin d, b12, lots of probiotics and a very clever supplement of slippery elm which helps heal the gut. This is the start of the fight against RA. Rheumy's just react to the symptoms and not at the reason why we have the disease. After 19 years I was never told why I had it by any doctor but I would have to take drugs for the rest of my life. I am going to probe them wrong. Check out fairytale kitchen also on Facebook. A lady who has cured herself from her auto immune disease.

  • If you take time to read Clints book and the reasons he believes we have RA then it is pretty obvious that it is the gut and what we put into it. Also there is growing importance how we got this disease in the first place. The leaky gut is a reason that had no preference on gender and as many males and females heal themselves. A lot of the drugs we are given just make this disease worse by attacking the gut which is the very heart of our illness. Please read all the literature and make your mind up. I and many others are on the mend with thanks to his program. Good luck

  • I am familiar with Clint Paddissons thoughts but am not quite sure the leaky gut is the only player. The hormonal and micronutritional arms do have important roles and can be supported for the best individual results.

  • Hello, I am male and I don't really know which type I have? My CRP and ESR bloods have always been quite low I think. I have erosive changes in my feet which I have had for 20 years but have never gotten much worse. My left wrist has very marked changes and my right wrist is weak. Flares have been less and less and I believe I am well on the way to healing. I have had a functional medicine doctor appointment and tests for various things to try and holistically heal me but the Paddison Program is the only thing I have found that works. I have had it a long time and if you research it you can realise where auto-immune comes from. Lots of people make and female have healed. It is hard work and takes willpower but it works. My main reactionary food is oil which is put in nearly all processed foods. Exercise is the other key. Check it out on Facebook or online. It works

  • Would be interesting to know the procentage of male/ female who have been helped by PP. Still think there might be a difference also in the women that are helped and those who aren't . A good example is the heart surgeon that had put her RA in remission through lifestyle changes and plantbased diet. ( Kais recent post)

    This woman had grown up in India on a plantbased diet. Her microbiome was built on this. She moved to US, changed her diet and had a life with enormous stress on all fronts. Most propably the radical change of diet did not agree with what her gut was used to and the meat and dairy and so on must have had an effect on her hormonal balance resulting in estrogen dominance adding to the risk of RA breaking out.

    When this woman went back to a plantbased diet and destressed her lifestyle her hormonal imbalance may have been corrected. In other words in her case she may not have had the hormonal imbalance initially giving her a risk to develop RA and this would be the reason why it worked so well. Just rambling.... like to hear what others think?

  • I totally agree with your story and have read many similar. This is why a lot of African Americans get autoimmune as their bodies are not ready for the SAD that America gives them. Lots of things cause the RA to raise its head and if you research for yourself and find out what works for you. I was pretty much in remission for 8 months last year then slowly reintroduced oats in my diet for it to bring it all back on. Slowly at first but then like overnight it came back with vengeance. My functional medicine doctor told me I was in need of fish oil for omega 3 but the oils just made me badly react. I tried algae oil only for the same thing to happen. I am now oil free totally and slowly back to where I was. I have had this disease for so long it will not go overnight and i am in the battle for the long haul. It does work but a lot of folks on the program cheat or eat the wrong foods and they react. Meds and diet work together til your gut heals. So many testimonials on there and people I have grown to call friends all over the world. It is a 50/50 split male to female.

  • 50/50 split of male and female? Is that a fact? Where did you find that number? Do you also know what percentage of people tested positive for anti CCP?

  • All the literature I've read is 3:1 women to men for RA and the exact opposite for reactive arthritis. No idea about how many respond to diet as there doesn't seem to be a major survey. And about 60% anti-CCP, although slightly higher in some groups.

  • Thanks Helixtimes2, I was asking Glen where he got the 50/50 split of the Paddison Program working for men and women. I need to ask you another question about anti CCP as you're unbelievably knowledgeable and I learn so much from you. You mentioned above that scientists are looking for more biomarkers (which I also read) but you also said that the two they have now are not so precise? I thought anti CCP was quite precise?

  • Quite good, but not enough. It has sensitivity of 66% , which is the number of results that are correctly positive which if I understand the science right means that there can be 34% of people with false negative results. i.e. they still have RA even with no anti-CCP.

    However it has specificity of 90% which means it rarely gives false positives. So if you have positive ant-CCP then 90% likely to have RA - but that's still not 100%....

  • You eather have CCP antibodies or not. Positive if you have negative if you don't have.

  • You can have positive CCP and usually do, for many years before the breakout of RA.

  • Does he have positive CCP?

  • 😊

  • Usually positive is considered to be a result of over 20. Under 20 is often considered as negative. Same with rheumatoid factor (but that is less precise and only of use early in diagnosis stage).

    I have positive anti-CCP but my inflammatory markers have always been low. Even at diagnosis when I could hardly move for swollen joints my ESR & CRP barely made it over "normal". People vary a huge amount so the more important thing is to know what's normal for you.

  • With AS it's quite common to have no or low anti-CCP (antibody) and also low CRP (inflammation) markers too.

  • If the PP or other remedies work why don't the health professionals looking after you suggest trying them rather than the usual way i.e. MXT etc which are expensive.

  • Because I am afraid people do not have the willpower to stick to this program. It is hard work and you have to exercise every day. The drug companies control doctors and there is no profit in diet. Doctors are taught the same thing all the time and a pretty blinkered to change. One of my friends on PP is a GP from England and he is as committed to the diet as I am. My Rheumy is very good and listens to my ideas from PP and supports my MTX drop that I am going for. He told me to read the Autoimmune Epidemic book from years back. It is a very good read and opens your eyes to the world of money and corporations against us the people who get disease which is man made.

  • Perhaps you didn't mean to come across like this but saying that people don't have the willpower is quite offensive. I doubt the NHS would agree to my £10k a year drugs simply because I'm lacking in willpower. 🙄 I'm happy to listen to various views and I'll be open minded and respectful but pseudo science and insulting unwell (sometimes vulnerable) people is not ok. 😞

  • In no way did I mean to offend you or anyone else. i think test can come over in the wrong way. So I apologise if you thought I was being disrespectful to you. Sorry. I answered in meaning people do not stick to diets. I asked my Rheumy the same question and he said that people would not stick to the diets and drugs were the only way. If I started eating the wrong foods I would certainly have a flare. The drug companies are the ones who make the money out of all the suffering. If you are willing to listen to different views why not try PP? Show the willpower you have and try and come off your drugs? Or at least lessen your intake?

  • When I wasn't on drugs, the disease ate at my joints until my jaw collapsed and I'm needing a huge surgery to repair this. Recovering from this surgery will take more willpower than any diet (which I have tried by the way) could ever do.

    I asked my rheum about diets. She advised healthy eating and made various suggestions. There is no reputable evidence on leaky gut.

  • Why was you not on drugs when you had the disease? Was you misdiagnosed?First thing that I got was drugs to keep the disease at bay and stop the bone erosion

  • I was on the Paddison Program--

    The first thing I asked Clint is if he was sero positive and his answer was two fold. First, oh yes! I have both! Both RF ( rheumatoid factor) and very high CRP. If he is going to say he is sero positive because he tested positive for BOTH then he better pick the right test. RF-yep, ok. But the next one that determines if you are sero positive is anti CCP--not CRP. CRP along with ESR are inflammatory markers. When I asked about anti CCP he said a good Rheumatologist wouldn't bother worrying about that test. It's the CRP you need to be concerned with.

    My CRP was and always has been .02 from day one up until today.

    Back to your comment about people not having enough will power to make the program work. Wow. Ok. I suppose they can't stick to an exercise program either?

    I was an elite Ironman athlete that was on the podium three times at the world championship in Hawaii. I stuck to the Paddison program and it did nothing for me.

    I was curious of specific blood markers, gender and types of RA these people have so I can try to connect some dots. Maybe I will unearth nothing and it's all just random but I still believe that there are types of RA with similar biomarkers that respond better to certain therapies. That is the case for two Biologics that I am aware of.

    Perhaps if we find out some of these connections it can help researchers instead of just telling people it works and they just need to try harder.

  • People do not stick to diets. It's a fact. Lots of people on PP fall off the wagon and have to get back on. I am being lambasted for being honest and telling the truth. I am not saying you as individual have no willpower. I am not insensitive and mean no harm. Exercise is hard if you have RA and it takes motivation and dedication as you well know being a strong man. My friend at school who was very lightweight became one of UK's strongest men. But it took dedication which I do not have. But I am in the gym now doing cardio to sweat out some toxins. It's all about doing what you can. I am trying to fight this disease. If I can help somebody them good. If people are offended well I am sorry.

  • I'm sure you're a great guy and are just trying the best you can and absolutely mean no harm. Neither do I.

    I really only wanted to try to put some pieces together to see if there is a specific subgroup that responds better to diet change.

    I'm finding out that there are many people who aren't even aware that there are different subtypes of this disease based on biomarkers or radiographs and just lump all people with an RA diagnosis into one big group when in fact RA is many different diseases.

    The Paddison Program lumps all people with RA into the same group and that can be dangerous for those with erosive RA as it's been revealed to scientists that even if symptoms are reduced and a patient appears to be in remission they can in fact still be doing damage to their bones from undecernable inflammation. We need more research and we need to find more biomarkers and better availability to ultra sound or MRI's to monitor underlying damage.

    I wish you the best and hope you get off MTX soon

  • It's a great question. The core message with the Paddison Program, is the gut microbiome. It’s the darling of the medical world right now but it hasn't always been. It’s understanding the bacteria and how they contribute to wellness and dysfunction in the physical body. I think there's a lot more research looking at the gut connection and you can definitely find doctors and Rheumatologist who will work with you on this as Glen has so I don't believe its because of 'will power'. It's still new and the scientific research isn't there yet and there's so many variables at play. They still have a long way to go. Perhaps in the future scientists will be closer at connecting the dots. I don't believe the gut biome is the 'sure bet' cause of RA as some people do. There are so many other things they found to be involved like smoking and periodontal disease and yet these aren't even 100%. It's a very complicated disease that I don't believe has a known cause yet.

  • Autoimmune epidemic is a great read for causes of autoimmune disease. Genetics, environmental, food and stress all are factors. It's finding the cause for you personally. Functional medicine doctors try to find out but Rheumy doctors just treat your symptoms. Must be hard for them.

  • Well my first rheumy was very keen on looking at whole person. Her first priority was to encourage people to stop smoking (if they did), then to maintain a healthy weight, then to take exercise, then reduce stress, and then to have a good diet. Which seemed a sensible approach to me. For a lot of people when first diagnosed everything is so painful and awful and the idea of having a chronic disease so shattering that there's little mental space for anything else.

  • Let's hope they find out to stop lots of other people in the future suffering because I see more and more autoimmune disease coming through. Something has changed in the last 100 years or more to make it go this way.

  • This is all fascinating; sorry Simba and co. i've been offline 4 a bit but am still trying 4wkly elimination trials : Jan - no alcohol - no diff; Feb no gluten - no diff; currently no dairy til i 4got last wk n ate a ploughman's sarnie - up down n all around... maybe it was off but i am still off n cautious ofdairy. I eat mainly fish but no meat or chicken anyway, and loads of fresh veg, bananas, avocados, lettuce, rasp/blue/strawberries. B12 dailyhas dispelled brain fog too. apricots too - so lotta magnesium. sorry fat fingers but wd welcome comments. ps no sugar, cake etc x

  • Why do you not start from scratch and eliminate everything after a 2 day cleanse? Then go from there? Add quinoa, buckwheat, greens, sweet potato, fresh salad. Live on that a couple of weeks then add one food at a time? You could react to lots of things? I react to coffee, meat, dairy, gluten, oil. I am an oil free vegan and getting better.

  • Hi

    I thought it might be helpful to let you know that I requested the experts at NICE with whom I am working on the NICE RA Guideline review committee currently, to review the evidence for the Paddison Program and I enclose their response having looked at all the papers/evidence for this programme:

    Dear Ailsa,

    Thank you for passing on the information about the Paddison program.

    At the scoping stage for the update of the NICE rheumatoid arthritis guideline, no new evidence that would alter the existing recommendations relating to dietary modifications were identified. During stakeholder consultation, one stakeholder suggested that there may be some evidence relating to Vitamin D supplementation or Omega 3 and Omega 6 levels. A couple of small studies on Omega 3 and 6 had been identified in the surveillance review that informed the update, but the conclusion was that the sample size of the existing evidence was too small and more large studies were required. No comments were received relating to bacteria / acid secretion / acidosis etc. as referenced in the Paddison program document.

    On review of the references provided, the majority of the studies may be informative epidemiology or background to inform research in the area, and may indicate a possible association between some of these factors. However, many are narrative reviews or comments in journals and are opinions on the area rather than primary research or systematic reviews.

    None of the references included were aiming to assess the effectiveness of the Paddison program itself. In order to be considered within a systematic review to inform on the effectiveness of the programme, a randomised controlled trial of the programme would be required ideally. In the cases of dietary interventions, it may be that the control group does not receive a placebo. Although this would introduce bias to the results, a large well performed study with investigator blinding and objective outcomes reported where possible, would minimise the bias.

    The two references that may contribute to an effectiveness review for a treatment are references 15 and 16 which look at alkaline and potassium supplementation respectively. Unfortunately these are each single references on each of the possible interventions and have relatively small sample sizes. Furthermore the trial on alkaline supplements does not have a placebo in the control group which would mean that this would be considered as high risk of bias. In isolation neither of these studies would be considered enough evidence for alkaline or potassium supplementation.

    I hope this is of some assistance.


    RA is a very heterogeneous disease affecting people differently and you cannot assume that a diet which may be of some benefit to one individual can be applied across a whole RA population.

    I hope this is helpful

    Best wishes


    (NRAS CEO)

  • That's not helpful really. Just says they have not investigated it. When cures for arthritis are found then they have to start somewhere. A Rheumy doc at my hospital told me to take extra virgin olive oil even tho I react to it. Paddison program works for lots of people and could work for lots on here. My intention was to help but it appears this group is just gang up and shoot down.

  • A bit defensive perhaps? I guess at the end of the day we are all at liberty to leave the group of we feel as you do?

  • If - not of

  • Glenb, given that it seems like joined specifically to tell us about the Paddison programme, I think it's only fair that we get the whole picture. After all, I wouldn't start any treatment without reading the information leaflet and speaking to an expert doctor and a pharmacist.

    I would like to see a reputable piece of research that proves - and I quote directly from Clint Paddison's website - that "Rheumatoid Arthritis is actually a serious disgestive disorder".

    I appreciate that you didn't create the programme. However, given that you have also made claims about the link between RA and the gut, I'd be interested to see what backs this theory.

  • Wow wow wow. I joined to tell everyone about Paddison Program? I joined because I have RA because that is what it is. You just jumped on my back as soon as I posted. Picked up on something that you could get your teeth into then attacked me. Not a very friendly group this

  • Glenb, interesting that you said I "attacked" you when you were the one who said people have no willpower. I certainly did challenge you and I apologise if you don't feel it was appropriate.

    We are friendly and kind and we do dicuss lots of alternative and complimentary therapies on here. Support is a two way street, of course.

    NRAS are an amazing charity, do you know much about what they do and how much Ailsa has done for our disease despite her own health?

    I was genuinely upset by your posts last night, not the content but the way it came across.

    I wouldn't join a group and straight away, give anyone medical advice or start promoting something because I'm not a medic. People need to be careful online. That's not a dig, just a fact. We all need to remember that, I include myself in it.

  • So you think is not good to share your successes in a forum for arthritis? Is that not the point of the forum. I never gave medical advice? I just said that I found help from a diet and offered the information to others. Simple as that. I have no axe to grind with you just offered my experience.

  • Sorry you feel that way, we investigated with NICE at the request of one of our members who is convinced that everyone should be on this programme. We're an evidence based health charity (like all health charities) and it's our job to be objective. There is no 'evidence' that any diet can alter the disease progress for all people with RA. There is a small amount of evidence (See NICE guideline CG79) that a Mediterranean style diet can help. Eating a healthy balanced diet including all food groups and with plenty of fruit/veg etc. is recommended. There will always be some individuals who do have a reaction to certain foods or are even allergic to some foods and there are those who say that a particular diet helps to manage their RA symptoms and that's true for them but what you cannot do is then say that this will be true for all people with RA.

    This forum is for people to have a safe place to exchange experiences and support each other. We do not allow commercial companies to enter this space and promote any products. Equally anyone trying to convince others (we understand with the best of intentions) that they should take a complementary therapy or follow one particular diet fall into the same category. If something works for you, that's great and share that by all means, but please don't try and persuade others to do the same thing. This disease affects everyone differently.

  • Thank you Ailsa. I echo crashdolls sentiments.

  • That is awful. I have tried to help people because I have found something that helps me and pass it on to others so it may help them? I am not saying it will cure everyone. Is this not a forum that does what I tried to do? It appears that as soon as I posted on you forum I was made to feel unwelcome by a few of the members and to feel I had done something wrong. If somebody has any tips for your members they are best to keep it to themselves.

  • Hi

    I hear what you are saying and take your point.

    I think however , some may have missed the point that was made in return.

    I think everyone on her is clear that the sharing of ideas / success stories is welcome and something to be encouraged.

    However, the point I make as well as many others is that when the sharing of information leads to judging of those who do not wish to follow said dietary advice / programmes as "having no will power " or being "unwilling" to help Themselves - then it feels somewhat offensive ?


  • I have difficulties finding posts that state that PP would work for everyone🤔and just as difficult to find posts that try to persuade people to go on the diet, where as there are numerous post that try to persuade people to go on certain drug regieme. The posts about diets have been about personal experiences and new research about different ways to control inflammation and pain, that you would think would interest everyone suffering from RA. How does this discussion make the forum less safe and is this not supporting each other and exchanging ideas?

    If posting about diets is something not welcome on this forum perhaps it should be made clear to everyone. It is sad and quite exhausting to over and over again follow follow these unkind posts😕

  • Hi

    I hear what you are saying and take your point.

    I think however , some may have missed the point that was made in return.

    I think everyone on her is clear that the sharing of ideas / success stories is welcome and something to be encouraged.

    However, the point I make as well as many others is that when the sharing of information leads to judging of those who do not wish to follow said dietary advice / programmes as "having no will power " or being "unwilling" to help Themselves - then it feels somewhat offensive ?


  • Marie,

    Sorry that I was unclear but my response and questions were intended for Ailsa and her reply. The reaction to perhaps illformulated words and their wrong interpretation is something that in my mind are at this point clarified.

  • Apologies simba - although my sentiments remain the same.

  • You are just adding to what I said to meet your own ends. No way did I say you were not willing to help yourself. I think in life theses days people take themselves to seriously and think everything in the world is a knock at them. If I can ask you a question and tell me how best it would be to answer without upsetting anyone? Why as a nation are we obese? Or why do so many people find it hard to give up alcohol or cigarettes? How would you reply?

  • Strangely, I don't see it that way at all? In fact in the post / response to you I think I referred to "those" that stated etc etc- as opposed to "you?".

    In answer to your question about obesety / addiction; there are many reasons.

    Lack of education ( nutrition et )


    Poor parenting experience

    Experience of abuse/ violence

    Maladaptive coping mechanisms

    The cycle of addiction itself.......

  • Thank you for this, Ailsa. Also, thank you for all that you do, NRAS is an amazing organisation. 🙂

  • If it worked even 50% I think those researching Rheumatoid Diseases might have picked up on it......& far more people would be posting of their success on this site.

    But if it works for you....you're jolly lucky & should thank your lucky stars..by "it works" my understanding is that is you are pain & flare free taking no drugs....& I'm really envious....but as Suzanne Dale says...."would you pay a comedian for medical advice? "

  • Would they also be guineapigs, paying ones? I wouldn't having read the Disclaimer on his site, c&p'd below


    Website Disclaimer

    The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. The information is provided by The Paddison Program and while we endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

    This publication is an informational product based on my own experience and research. It has not been evaluated by either the USA FDA or the medical community and is not aimed to replace any advice you may receive from your medical practitioner. The Author assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever on the behalf of any purchaser or reader of these materials. The Authors are not doctors, nor do they claim to be. Please consult your primary care physician before beginning any program of nutrition, exercise, or remedy. By consulting your primary care physician, you will have a better opportunity to understand and address your particular symptoms and situation in the most effective ways possible.

    As always, before applying any treatment or attempting anything mentioned on this website or in the ebooks/videos and other information available on this site, or if you are in doubt, you should consult your physician and use your own personal best judgment. If you fail to do so, you are acting entirely at your own risk. You, the buyer or reader of this program, alone assume all risk for anything you may learn or undertake from this program, including eBooks, website or associated videos. In addition, paddisonprogram.com, rheumatoidarthritisprogram.com, Clintscure.com, Melissa Paddison and Clint Paddison are not liable or responsible for any increase in severity of your Rheumatoid Arthritis or for any health problem you may encounter should you change medications or give up medical treatment.

    By choosing to use the information made available on the Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis website and in the products provided, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Clint Paddison, Melissa Paddison, rheumatoidarthritisprogram.... and clintscure.com from all claims (whether valid or invalid), suits, judgment, proceedings, losses, damages, costs and expenses, of any nature whatsoever (including reasonable attorney’s fees) for which Clint Paddison, Melissa Paddison and rheumatoidarthritisprogram.com, paddisonprogram.com, clintscure.com may become liable resulting from the use or misuse of any products sold through these three websites.

    In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this and it’s materials.

    Through this website you are able to link to other websites which are not under the control of the Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis. We have no control over the nature, content and availability of those sites. The inclusion of any links does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorse the views expressed within them.

  • Sounds really off the cuff & cozy doesn't it?

  • Good lord - that is grim reading. Whilst I absolutely , as stated before, would advocate healthy eating, this sounds verging on the irresponsible to me? That may even be an understatement!


  • I would guess in the world we live in that would be to cover their backs. Look how many no win no fee companies are looking for business

  • thanks for your comments, glenb - I started by elimination as i don't take tea, coffee meats and eat only fresh or cooked veg, salads [ never processed foods] and mainly wholegrains - just wanted to see if the 'usual culprits' had any effect. BTW what is a total cleanse, how to do?

  • p.s : I shd also have said tht I am sero positive and do eat fish and use a little olive oil from time to time.

  • ps again - took mtx but had lung damage, now recovered, currently on sulfa... and don't take painkillersnow except feldene gel on akles feet wrists and hands, as necessary

  • I started off my journey by cutting out coffee, gluten and dairy. I found such an improvement start of 2016 I googled it and stumbled across PP. that's when went all out to try and repair my gut. I have ups and downs but the downs are a lot less and I have no need to take the naproxen anymore the same as I was. I have added loads of foods back into my diet and am in a good place. Who knows what is around the corner tho?

  • Hi Glen,

    I'm really interested in the Paddison programme, can you tell me where I can find out more info. All the consultant wants to do is offer me more drugs that have horrid side effects and will more than likely kill me before the RA.

  • It's on the internet my friend. One of the members from here has just done a podcast on there. Andy his name is. Well worth a watch.it has a Facebook page too

  • There is lots of info on this forum. Look at Kai's posts😊

  • Is the information for the PP readily and freely available or are there just snippets on the Internet? I'd be interested in doing a cleanse and seeing if I can cure my condition with dietary changes. I have seropositive ra and am currently on biologics.

  • The two day cleanse basically is cucumber and celery put through a juicer for 2 days. I had about 4 per day. You can eat green salad with it also but you are trying to rid your body of toxins. The first two days were unbelievable for pain relief.

  • Thanks Glen. Does it have to be a juicer rather than a nutribullet or the whole fruit?

  • Yeh because it takes out all the fibre. I have spinach and kale orange juice smoothies now with my breakfast

  • Thanks for that. I'll have a read into it tomorrow. Just considering where I'm going to house yet another kitchen gadget!

  • I have one at work and one at home and nutribullets too

  • Need to know a lot more details please .Seems like a miracle cure.

    Thank you.

  • It's not a miracle cure.. I was wrong to start my first post like that but was excited for people to know my story and went off like a bull at a gate. My RA2 is my story. I have RA for life but at present I am controlling it as much as we can with my lifestyle. I was really in pain and now I am not. I used to take 2x 500mg naproxen every day along with my Methotrexate. I went from feb16 to October naproxen free and pretty much pain free. Since October I have had a steroid injection in November and half a pack of 250mg naproxen (20) tablets. So I am in a healing groove which is pretty strong at present. I eat no oil vegan food minus gluten, dairy, sugar, coffee, and acidic foods. I am doing ok and happy. Who knows what's going to happen tomorrow?

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