RA? What RA?

Mentioned this in a reply to someone's post but want to shout it from the hilltops. Have been out most of this evening & met quite a few new people. For the first time in nearly 2 years I did not have any selfconsciousness about how I move or walk because I think I'm damn near 'normal'. I never have explained myself that much but the awareness of being a bit different usually lurks somewhere but this evening it was banished. I honestly think nothing about others who are stiff or limp or use crutches or whatever so on one level it's not a big deal for me & in time I think I could get used to anything but it's beginning to look like I won't have to. So for anyone starting on Methotrexate and experiencing a few qualms - don't worry, there's a good chance that it really will work wonders.

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  • What a wonderful bit of writing this is Luce! So pleased you feel like this. Its how I've felt for months and months now - bad back aside just now. I really do think MTX can work wonders for some people. There's an online RA lecture somewhere given my an American consultant rheumatologist where he outlines the history of RA treatment and says that very little progress was made for decades until a drug arrived on the horizon called Methotrexate. Sure I feel a bit sick tonight because of it but its definitely changed my life for the better. Isn't it great to feel like this. Well done you for blogging and telling people not to fear or dread this drug when they are about to start on it. Tilda xxx

  • I've read posts of yours where you describe not really believing you have RA well I have something similar going on about mtx. I believe I'm on it all right but I can't quite believe how well it's working. I never did have much faith in it to start with. Of course there might be a hundred reasons for my improvement & I'd really love for some genius to identify exactly what's doing what, but that's not going to happen! I personally think that mtx also helps OA over time & I think I've heard that somewhere, it's not meant to but some people think it does.

    yes it is great to feel better long may it last for you too. x

  • My GP said that he thinks MTX works better the longer you are on it - he told me that it could take 6 months to kick in properly and he was right for me. My rheumy also said it was important not to chop and change meds too much because some of the combinations and individual drugs will work better and better over time. I think its important to say this on here because we are all impatient but my experience of rheumatology is forcing me to become a more patient person! Tilda x

  • Yeah & apparently small changes like going up 5mg or going from tablets to sub-cutaneous injection often seem to make all the difference too.

  • That is so lovely to hear that you feel good and the meds are working. Its great to hear a lovely positive blog. There are some people such as Allanah yesterday complaining about everything from doctors to call centres to answering machines , don't know who she is but lord can she complain when she starts lol

    Love Allanah !!!!!!

  • I hope this Allanah person whoever she is doesn't feel any regret at all about complaining seeing as she has been through one hell of a time lately, from what I hear, and through it all managed to maintain more good humour than I do on a very good day!

  • Good news yipee x

  • Thanks summer x

  • As we are all being so positive, thought I would add my bit. Am now on sub-cut 25 mg MTX a week and it has made such a huge difference to my life. Tablets were ok but real fatigue was a problem.

    I have just started a 3 hour pottery course on a Monday evening and what a boost that has given me. Was really like a 3 hour work out. Standing up, sitting down, rolling out the clay, up and down stairs and, oh yes, concentration! Sure I am knackered now but know I will feel better tomorrow. Diagnosed 3 years ago - I'll be 65 this year.

    There is hope....

    X j

  • Hi, pleased for you Jan! I'm on 25mg too, tablets though, but little fatigue (till I crash that is!)

  • it's truly great isn't it when pain goes away and a little bit of energy creeps in in it's place! One sort of benefit (!) about getting RA is that you really, really appreciate feeling normal again. Since the drugs started working for me I've never been as bad as I was to start with, so hears hoping that you keep on improving too. Pollyx

  • Thanks Polly. How encouraging to here that when 'it' has come back it hasn't been as bad as it was at first. I might go wild and tone down my personal worst case scenario!

  • It is so great when relief from pain comes out of the blue. Just before christmas I was in trouble with bad pain in feet and ankles, I could hardly walk or stand on the spot for short periods. Now just 3 weeks later I'm almost painfree, it's so exhilerating that I feel I could climb a mountain, but I wouldn't be fool enough to try it !! So happy for you Wooly & Jan and anyone else who is experiencing a bit of respite. Happy belated New year to all. june x

  • Happy for you too June, happy New Year! I wonder how much pre-christmas stress has to answer for? I was in a vile mood in the run up to it all & did conk out very suddenly & sleep for 6 hours in middle of day but all that is history! x

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