Still blooming anaemic

Still blooming anaemic

Been to the drs this morning as i wasn't feeling very well. I hurt and my fingers are sore as well. I feel so blooming exhausted all the time and tired it is unbelievable. Well it turns out i am still anaemic.This makes sense of how i am feeling at the moment all the time. So more iron tablets for me fo another couple of months. I am wondering when it will end for me.... Feeling veey tired indeed.xxxxx

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  • Hi Sylvi, I know just how you feel I've been on iron tablets for anaemia for the past 4 weeks, I also am very tired all the time, this is the 3rd time for me becoming anaemic in the last couple of years. Feel your pain.


    Lady B 😊

  • Just a thought - have you been screened for coeliac disease? I was anaemic for years and constantly taking iron tablets until my GP finally decided to screen me for coeliac disease. Once properly diagnosed and on the gluten free diet, I have had absolutely no problems with low iron, folate or B12 since. You do have to be eating a full gluten containing diet for the blood tests to be accurate though.

  • I had bariatric surgery last year for weight loss Earthwitch and this is more than likely the cause of it. I was told it was one of the side effects. I am seeing my dietician on Monday and we are going to discuss this.xxxxx

  • Sorry you are feeling so rough. Hope the tablets help.

  • Sylvi.

    So sorry all this has come to light.No wonder you are tired and fed up.

    Do they know what's causing this anaemia,there has got to be a reason for it recurring so often? Iron tablets are ok but they have their own little side effects too from what I can remember of my experience with them.

    I really hope you can get this licked pretty soon,and get back to your usual cheerful self.

    Please take care.



  • It is the surgery that is the cause of my problems darling. I am seeing the dietician on Monday and we are going to have a chat about it.xxxx

  • Oh good.Lets hope they can get you sorted out.This has gone on long enough for you.

    Fingers crossed and hope it goes well.



  • Oh bless you Sylvi, what an awful time you are having. Take care xx

  • Thank you darling.xxxx

  • Take your iron tablets and then look in the mirror and admire your hair. :) You are such a funky lady with a great attitude!!!...I wish I had the guts to colour my hair!!!

  • Suzanne i just sit there and let her do it darling.xxxxx

  • Yes your hair dresser does your hair, but let's be honest...You look fantastic!!! You Go Girl <3

  • Aww thank you darling,i have to do something to cheer me up when i am feeling as ill as i am.xxxxx

  • Cheer up Syliv it could be worse not sure how but you never know (I've been on iorn tabs for 30 years now ). Keep those fingers moving there's an old say what you don't use you loose, keep you chin up girl X X lol Dawn

  • Thanks for reminding me. Time for my iron tablet...

  • Finest steak for you x

  • I couldn't eat a big steak since my operation darling.xxxx

  • a small one?? or minced steak?

  • Very small darling.xxxx

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