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well last night was anoter bad one

nerves at back of ear wehere twitching

feet where sore and red. Then the top of back was aching cos i whent for a walk and used my stick hands where sore with the little blobs on them.

and i have not been to the toilet for a week.

you can see on mri of back l3/4 l5 s1bulging disc what the hell has done this in 14 weeks from no back pain is it the predistone? cos its bad for bone.

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WOW that doesn't look good darling.xxxx


Hi John, you sound like your in a bad way. I don't have any answers for you but I do wish you better.


Could be that due to the disease that our tendons and ligaments don;t work as they should. I also have terrible back problems with bulging discs and in the neck etc. I would talk to someone about not using your bowels that will add to your problems especially if you are on heavy duty pain meds. Get some movicol or something like that from the pharmacy maybe.


Hi minka

That does look painful.

Did the consultant that ordered the scan not discuss it with you? He / she should be explaining what's going on to you.

A few weeks of pred wouldn't cause major musculoskeletal problems I wouldn't have thought. Over time it can lead to osteopaenia / osteoporosis but this takes years.

Regarding the 'blockage', agree with someonesmother - not used movicol but lactulose is also gentle and works! Having used picolax and the like before an endoscopy I know that can be unpleasant, but lactulose isn't like that. Unless you have a lactose intolerance I guess! Have you recently started using or increased the dose of any opiate painkillers, like codeine, morphine etc?



yes the lactulose or movicol or laxido etc are good options but remember to drink lots of water, as this affects constipation and the afore mentioned products draw water into the bowel to soften.

(.pharm registered as well as fellow sufferer of arthritis,) eat plenty of fibre, dates ,figs, weetabix, too, if severe constipation still persists seek further advice, you may also need some senna to get things moving.


Yes totally agree, should have mentioned water. Not everyone's 'cup of tea' so to speak, but personally I find drinking lots and lots of water helps with so many things.

Such a simple thing to do as well.

And for those that think they will spend all day popping to the smallest room, your bladder needs exercise. The more you drink (water not wine😱) the more your bladder can hold and the better your control of it all is.

Might need a few more 'visits' at first, but it will improve with use, as with most things in our bodies.



Been on predistone for 2 years now


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