Latest on swelling on foot

Latest on swelling on foot

Good morning everyone, what a gorgeous sunny morning it is here in the depths of suburbia Middle England! After a long wait to get the results of the X-ray on my foot I am no further on with an explanation & feel downright frustrated and upset. I went for an appt at the doctors yesterday & he said"ah yes you have a bunion" Jeez I knew that years ago - I said what about the lump "what Lump let's have a look" so I showed him & he dismissed it as just arthritis !! I have never had this sort of thing before & all my hands and feet are playing up + my knees & neck. He said I could have bunion surgery if I wanted or go & get cortisone in my knees. But no explanation or pain relief at all. Do you think that already having Fibro that you get labelled as being a fusspot? I had tests for RA in 2012 but I am convinced something is going on, I just know deep down & all the symptoms I am having.

Yesterday I felt so upset all I did was cry.

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  • I forgot to say that I initially went to GP about the lump & he had forgotten!

  • Well there's obviously a nodule/ganglion/whatever next to your bunion so there's something there.... I remember that you were prescribed hydroxy, so does that mean you are under a rheumatologist? Because I do think you should be asking to be tested again to be sure. And if this is just the GP deciding for him/herself then be a bit pushy and ask to be referred. If you have stiffness, swelling and your hands hurt if you squeeze then there's absolutely no excuse not to be referred ASAP.

  • When I initially went to the GP I asked to see rheumatologist again - but he just dismissed it. I couldn't take the hydroxy as I have terrible fear that it will affect my eyes as my mum went blind when admitted to hospital with gall bladder pain. Because of all the checks with your eyes with this drug I feel frightened to take it. But thankyou for your reply & am still reeling from the appointment.

  • I volunteer to slap that doctor for you. *grumble* Is there anyone who can help advocate for you seeing a rheumy? Perhaps a call to the help-line might be in order. As for the vision risks with mtx, I have 9 degrees of vision in total, so anything that decreases my vision at all is a huge risk. I understand the fears, but perhaps a rheumy could help you weigh the potential gain and talk about your own relative risk. gentle hugs,


  • Thankyou Bats for your response, I am going to see how this week goes and go back and see him I think. Take care

    Castlepoint x

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