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For the last few days my feet have been hiring like crazy , both on the arch of my feet as well as the top as,well. Could this be midfoot arthritis I'm feeling? I know him have OA in my hands as well as my knees and possibly my lower back. Even with it hot here where I live in hurt like hell. I've had pain in both of my hands as well for the past two weeks. I'm not getting a lot of help from my GP. I've considered a couple of things to help me out but haven't gone as far as to trying them as of yet. I feel like I'm wasting my time trying different pain medication when they don't help. I guess I need to be my own doctor and do what I think will help me get through the days with my pain and all. It's very tired some at times as well especially when fatigue sets in my whole body is tired. It just drains me anymore. This is making me feel old and I'm not liking it one bit.

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  • Did you ever get more thorough investigations to test for inflammatory arthritis, like spondylitis or rheumatoid arthritis? If not then do push again for them now - sometimes it can take a long time for these diseases to show their true colours so even if the doc has given you an osteoarthritis diagnosis it can change, especially if you are getting new symptoms.

    But as for painful feet, and other bits of you, have you tried all the non-chemical approaches like ice packs and warm wheat bags, gels like green lip mussel and so on? They can help take the edge off. Also, can you get referred to a podiatrist to check on your feet? That might help too.

  • Helix helix, my Dr's. Know about the pain I'm having but really haven't tested me for anything other than the rheumatoid factor blood test a couple of times. Both times it came back negative for ra. I haven't been tested for anything else June of last year they did x-rays and they were also negative. But I'm feeling the pain more now since June of last year , a lot more. Especially in my feet and knees. I hurt the most from my hips to my feet. I have day I can barely move or even stand up. I do have wheat bags that I've used . To be honest I think I need my feet to be xrayed. Not one Dr. has xrayed my feet for arthritis , just my shoulders and hips have been xrayed so far oh and my hand 2 years ago as well

  • Hi JD, Well, as you know, I have osteoarthritis (midfoot) in both feet and the surgeon told me that I shouldn't have an operation because it may not work out with so many small bones to deal with or even be worse than before.

    So I just hobble on and do exercises that stretch the tendons. But I WAS surprised that in this day and age nothing surgically could be done to alleviate the pain in my feet. I really feel for you and take care,


  • Thanks Sookiedee, As you well know mine has been on going for quite some time. It hurts to even try and bend them anymore. I dread on what the winter is going to put me through this coming winter. Last winter was unbearable at times for me. I fear I'm only doing more damaged than I need to be doing right now. But with not finding anything to ease it is really don't have any choice right now. It'll be another painful winter I know for me . I'll ask my GP in Oct what other options are available for me , other than popping pills. I feel that it's crippling me right now for the way it's acting. It's only a matter of time I won't be able to go but a few steps without having to sit down. Then what? Jason

  • Hi JDQ,

    A patient doesn't have to have positive RA factor to be diagnosed with RA. My referral letter read -

    preliminary investigations reveal an anti-CCP level of 46u/mL, negative rheumatoid factor and negative ANA, her CRP is also low. My X-rays showed no erosion either (well a tiny bit on a big toe joint).

    And I was diagnosed with Anti-CCP Positive rheumatoid arthritis and when I have a flare it's my anti-CCP that spikes before returning to below 5 all the other figures remain negative. I had rheumatic fever as a child which helped get me along the diagnosis line pretty quickly.

    So I suggest you keep going to you GP or another Dr at the practice about you aches and pains and ask to be referred to a rheumatologist for further investigation.

    If it's not RA the rheumy may have an good idea of what you are dealing with.

    Good luck


  • Ali I went to a rheumatologist last year they automatically said it was oa and not ra. Because not seeing any swelling. But my arthritis progressed quickly as of March of last year. March of last year I started feeling it in my knees, hip and shoulders as well.

  • I agree I don't have positive RA factor and Like you my gp discounted RA. It took till my wrist/hand/arm blew up like a bubble for 6 months and then a rheumatologist under 3 minutes to confirm! He said "absolutely no doubt it's RA!" M X

  • I'd insist like the others have said on getting more tests/second opinion. It does sound like RA to me too. I do have RA and get pains in arch and top of my feet so know exactly how you feel. The pain when walking can be unbearable. Good luck!

  • Ali, I'm tired of going through test that are useless when they come back negative. No prescription has helped either. I'm about to do what I think will help me in the long run to help me cope with the pain. It hurts to stand or walk anymore. My feet and knees as well as my hip are painful. Some days are worse than others. It's never ending for my discomfort. J. Quinn

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