It's that 'decrepit old bird' clucking & chuckling again!

After my daughter took me for the first routine blood test following diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis, she left me dozing in her car in warm sunshine whilst she went to get my prescriptions. I jumped when she used the electronic key to open the car door, saying "You'll soon need to wean yourself off the strong painkillers, Mother", to which I replied: "No problem! Didn't I come off the fags cold chicken?" We both convulsed with laughter as the words sunk in: should have been 'cold turkey'! I'd read and heard the expression but that was the first time I'd had occasion to use it, and my excuse was I was still half asleep!

I reckon laughter is the best medicine so I try to share humour whenever I can!

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  • :) All I can say is "keep on laughing".

  • Oh yes laughter is the best medicine and i love your post.xxxx

  • Love it !



  • Hehe, those car locks make me jump too, hope you didn't 'lay an egg' as they say ;-) :-D :-) xxxx

  • Laughter is the best medicine xxx

  • Haha! I'm always coming out with malapropisms. Our dogs respond to one another's names too because I rarely call them their given name, I end up saying Freya/Annie whatever you're called! Laughter certainly is the best medicine. :)

  • So funny! I am giggling thinking of the situation. Thanks!

  • 😂😂 Thank you for giving me the giggles! 💐💐

  • Hehe sooo funny, you gave me something to laugh about. Keep on laughing it is the best kind don't of medicine.


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