it's me again, advice needed!!

Hiya, I have and about 30 minutes sleep, and have been woken up again with the pain in my gum, I have taken now 2 Tramadol and 2 paracetamols to help with the pain, i didn't think it would still be this bad after having the tooth out,I know the numbness is wearing off,

I am sure some of you lovely people have had this problem before, but how long did it take for the pain to subside after having the tooth out with a abscess,..... I did ask the dentist if i would need antibiotics as he was taking the tooth out ,but he said no, It feels now that all one side of my face needs to be removed from me, in a lot of pain friend......

shirley xx

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  • Shirley they always used to give antibiotics after an abcess as the poison will still be there. See your dr and ask him about

  • Thanks sylvi i will, I already have appointment tomorrow, So at least i won't have to wait long, but when you are in pain as you know, tomorrow seems a long way away.

    Hoping these pain killers kick in soon...Shirley xx

  • Most times I've had or known people who had abscesses, if antibiotics were needed, they were given for several days BEFORE the tooth was extracted, not after.

  • Hi he did ask if i want the antibiotics first, then return in a weeks time to have the tooth removed, He did say there would be some pain, but didn't expect it to be this bad, I thought i would be waiting some time for the anti's to take affect, and didn't want to be in pain for a long period Eg another 5 days xx

  • do you take anti inflamitaries

  • Sometimes NSAIDs are a bad idea as they can slow down clotting and healing - can lead to dry socket pain (see my post below on this)

  • The dentist did know what i was taking, i'm surprised he never said anything,

    Thanks xx

  • At present i am on mtx hydroxy, folic acid, and also the painkillers xx

  • My advice is don't leave it too long to contact the dentist again if the pain continues - It could be "dry socket" where the clot that formed when the tooth was removed dislodges or disappears. Its very easily fixed by the dentist packing the area, but if you leave it it can be horrendous pain for days that just won't go away. I've made the mistake of trying to put up with it in the past but never again. You shouldn't need strong pain relief for long after an extraction (most folk get by with just paracetamol), so do phone your dentist (or the emergency dental service) if it carries on more than 12-24 hours after the extraction.

    The dentist may be right about not needing antibiotics - if it was a clean abscess, and they drained it well and packed it, that should be good enough treatment for it. I'd be wary about asking a GP to get involved in a dental problem.

  • That's what i though, but maybe it because i had it taken out while the abscess was still inflamed, My Gp is really good i would trust her on this,I will diffidently contact the dentist if it last more than 24 hours, I have had teeth out before and it has not left me in this pain, Am thing of trying a bit of bonjela on it do you think it would hurt,? as i don't want to keep taking the pain killer, had load yesterday xxx

  • I think you should have been given anti biotics as the abscess was inflamed.

    Hopefully paracetamol will help take some of the pain away.

    I think bonjella should be ok, might hurt putting it on and you need to be careful not to make it bleed again.

    Take care.


  • Thanks Mary, i think i will have to give it a go, love shirley xx

  • Hi Shirley, I don't think it should be unbearably sore, generally after the tooth comes the abscess clears more quickly and you have less pain so for me you should call ur dentists emergency number and get advice ASAP really. Good luck Axx

  • Hi Shirley I hope the pain has settled at this stage - you have plenty advice here, hope your ok.

  • Hi Allanah and everyone else who has sent me messages on this ,i have been able to get some adults bonjela and have just applied it,I feel like a idiot be honest :( I have been taking Tramadol with paracetamol for the last few days with hardly any affect, i have now just put bonjela on and the pain has improved ,I also checked on the internet about meds to take for a toothache/ abscess, and it tell me that Tramadol believe it or not is no good for a toothache and the best thing to take is paracetamol, Its so unbelievable, when they are so much stronger than paracetamol, well you learn something every day, Thank you so much for your advice, I will not be needed the men in white coat now as long as it last,

    Take care wish bonjela would work for RA, I would be deliving it to your homes to nite :)

    Lots of love Shirley xxxx

  • Well thank goodness it sounds a bit better, bonjela for RA? I waste most of it by letting it squirt out of the end lol Axx

  • CO-CODAMOL better for toothache than tramadol, and ibuprofen.. ibuprofen may not be appropiate if on mtx however so seek advice x

  • I had what they call a dry socket. It needed cleaned and packed with an iodine smelling dressing that tasted like oil of cloves. It too about 4 weeks to heal. But as soon as it was cleaned and packed it was much less painful.

    Good, luck... dentist in the am or asap.... keep taking the pain relief. I would think Co Codamol unless your alergic to codeine.


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