Constant pain in same joints?

Hi all! I have had RA for 9 years now I'm confused as, previously I've found that from day to day different joints have been painful & or swollen. For the last few months my left & right feet hurt , index finger of my right hand & the middle finger on my left hand hurt!!? I'm on naltrexone, Methotrexate, Hydroxychloroquine & steroids but, still no relief in these joints??

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  • Have you thought about the AIP diet. Helps really many😊

  • When is your next rheumy appointment as your may need to have your meds reviewed. As it has been consistent over the last few months I think it would be worth a call to your rheumy nurse. This disease seems to have a mind of its own and changes all the time. Farm

  • Thanks for your advice. I contacted rheumy nurse last week, she got back to me & I explained my symptoms & pain. I'm waiting for her to ring me with whatever the consultant has come up with?? Don't know about others but, the nurses seem to listen to listen better than the docs do?

  • Yes I think the nurses have a different perspective on the disease and can better understand the way it affects our day to day living. Hope they can come up with something to help or bring your appointment forward. Farm

  • Thanks for your reply. Don't know what I'd do without all the amazing people on here!

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