Crying in pain

For the last couple of weeks I have Ben in so much pain my current situation is my left knee so painful can't even move crying out if I move ! It's all too much as it whatever it is keeps moving and lasts no longer than a few days it all started on my wrist then moved to my right hand index finger then on to my shoulder then on to the side of left wrist now on to my left knee

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  • Sorry to hear your hurting so bad. I've been there and know how your feeling. How long have you been diagnosed? What meds are you on?

    I was like that when I first got diagnosed nearly a year ago. It started in my left knee, then right knee then right foot and then left foot. Absolutely awful.

    Can you soak in a bath? I find this really helps when I'm bad although I cry out trying to get in the bath and I need my hubby to help me.

    Have you been taking pain relief? Have you used any ice packs?

  • Hi thanks for answering I was diagnosed 3 years and I'm on sulfasalazine and was doing fine up until these last weeks I have had a bath with Epsom salts and taken pain killers I'm beginning to think maybe palindromic because of it jumping from one joint to another I have my hospital appointment on the 6 th of Feb I'm hoping that like all my flares over the past weeks it will be gone in the morning

  • Have you considered Psoriatic Arthritis? Your symptoms sound very much like mine, tho fortunately it only affects my knees and ankles, but often does start in one joint and moves to another. Pain is excruciating and nothing touches it. Other symptoms are psoriasis (I get it on my palms and soles of my feet) and lined or pitted nails. I believe the treatment is very much the same - I'm currently not on anything other than an occasional intra muscular steroid injection (in the bum!) as my flare ups have only been once or twice a year until recently, but that may change when I next see the rheumatologist.

    Hope you get some relief soon.

  • Oh sweetie..,. I'm there with u ......😭

  • Thanks for all the replies I'm currently in bed resting couldn't get to work have called my rheumie but I doubt they will do anything I fact I doubt they will even call back !!!

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