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Keep getting phlegm

Hi. I keep getting phlegm it's worse in the mornings when I wake up. Blocked up nose and a cough. Seen doctors twice. All the say is my chest is ok take cough meds or eat chocolate. It seem to be getting better but makes me tired. Anyone else had it. My family keep telling me to go back to doctors but I've had worse and with this ra you get set backs from time to time. I just smile and love life.

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Hi Bleeper,

Could it be hay fever related or an allergy of some sort? Eucalyptus oil in the bath is a nice reliever and/or rose hip tea if you want.

I hope it shifts soon



Hi Beeper

I am on enbrel and find that I am a bit prone to sinus problems. I was told by the rheumy it may happen. I also get post nasal drip which trickles down the back of my throat and makes me cough and splutter and in the mornings my mouth feels yuk! It seems to get worse when spring blossom is at its fullest and then calms down so is probably triggered by an allergy. An allergy I didn't have before enbrel. I do salt water douches and inhalation with Vick or olbas oil and if necessary my GP does give antibiotics. I also try to avoid dairy products.

Don't know what medication you are taking but thought I would mention my story as it might help.



Thanks that's a help. I'm on embrel too.


I had the same problem when on enbrel. I found sucking honey and lemon lockets helped, the menthol makes breathing easier, and the taste is soothing. Hope you find something to help....if the enbrel is working it's worth it!!! M x


SInce i have had a chest infection i have been coughing in the morning as well sometimes i bring up plegm. I too have had x-rays just to make sure my chest is clear and thankfully it is.xxxxx


Same here, on Enbrel lots of phlegm. Do get chest infections and sinusitis which require antibiotics, I listen to my body and know when I need to go to the GP. Always had sinus problems so the Enbrel doesn't help. It's not pleasant but hope this helps


I had all this prior to diagnosis as under anENT specialist for a number of years. Can't seem to get rid of it.

May need surgery next year


Do you sleep with a ceiling fan or a fan blowing directly on your face.That would be one of the causes it happens to me.

P.S.hope you start to feel better

Adele H


Hi. I have this every morning and once cleared I am fine for the rest of the day. Eating chocolate seems a strange thing to suggest as that is very claggy. I was told mine was 'nasal drip'. I know this doesn't sound very nice but what is coughed up in a morning has come from the back of the nose. This could be the case with you. Unfortunately there isn't anything to be done about it. I find it particularly annoying because I am a singer and most of my singing is required in a morning for church services and I can actually sing much better in an afternoon. Worth asking. Good luck x


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