Come down with something and feel dreadful!

Hello, I have RA and on methotrexate, I came down with a cough quite suddenly on Sunday and it's been getting worse, my chest feels so tight and like it's on fire. I went to the GP surgery and they did an ECG and they have said my heart rate is high at 110 BPM and my temperature is up, but I had to see the on call doctor who doesn't know me and didnt bother to look at my notes, and she decided that I just had a mild virus 😐 I know my body and know myself and know that on these meds things can progress quickly but I don't know what to do! I was sent home from work yesterday and have been in bed all day today feeling dizzy with my heart racing and cough cough coughing.

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  • Contact GP in the morning please. I ignored a tight chest and cough and ended up really ill. Three causes of antibiotics later and the advice that a cough must be taken seriously.

  • I'm so sorry to here that your not feeling well. I don't know anything about the medication but the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I know u don't feel like getting up & going again but maybe u should keep going back until u get the medical help that u need. It's your body & u know how your feeling. The Doctors work for you. Your in charge. I hope u get to feeling better soon. Keep us all posted. Blessings to you. Rich Girl

  • Hi, I have PsA also on methotrexate had a bad cough two lots of antibiotics nothing helped, in the end I coughed till I joked and was sick. Went back to Doc's had X-Ray plus lung test, lady doc gave me inhaler to use morning and night only thing that helped. I also stopped taking methotrexate for a month

    Had my cough six weeks feel for U as I've been there keep going back to Doctors till U get help. I'm now fine back on Methox sorry if this scares U no inhaler anymore. Hope U get help U need and are feeling better soon, it will pass good luck, take care. Ladyinred. X

  • I would not want to contradict a foctor but what you describe sounds like a chest infection caused i would guess by a virus, if that is the case then anti biotics wont help you as they dont work against virus. I am a little surprised however that no one suggested that you rest the MTX for a while, obviously you should only do that on medical advice.


  • I would suggest you go back to the GP - one who knows you/reads your notes. You really don't need a poorly chest on top of everything else. The shy bairn gets nowt

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