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Cough whilst taking Methotrexate

Hi I am new to this, was diagnosed with RA in February 2013 now on Methotrexate due to two other medications making me sick. I have developed a cough over the past two weeks which is getting worse, not chesty just a dry cough and not sure if I should make appointment with GP.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so what did you do?

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Hi Rosielea and welcome to the site. Sorry you are having these troubles You should definitely see your GP or your rheumatology nurse - if you have one - a dry cough is one of the things that the side effects sheet specifies as needing attention asap. I didn't experience this myself while on MTX but wouldn't have taken a chance if I had - better safe than sorry. If you can't get an appointment to see a GP then leave a message for them so they know what it's about and can phone you. Good luck and let us know how you get on. X


Agree with Tilda. I developed pneumonitis on MTX. A well recorded side effect. Please get it seen to, either your GP or Rheumy dept. I was put on steroids for a while which cleared it up, and was taken off MTX immediately and told I would never have to take it again.




Have words with your RA nurse regarding this. it sounds like a contraindication to your medications



Hi and welcome here. I agree that I hope you contact the GP for more advice, it might not even be related to the drugs but just in case it's bet to get a check up xxxx hope you get sorted soon , hugs Ax


Thank you all for your replies, I have left a message for the clinical nurse specialist at the hospital and will let you know how I get on. :)


Hi Rosielea,

I started MTX in October, 2013 and I, too, developed a dry cough. It felt different than any cough I had ever had before. I was sick for all of December and January, coughing daily, but not while sleeping. Eventually, I began to cough up green stuff and was put on 2 different anti-biotics but in the meantime, strained my ribs. This felt like I broke a rib and was quite painful for several weeks. My cough has since cleared up. I think my body had to adjust to the mtx because I no longer have a coughing problem. Hope you find a solution soon.


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