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How can I help my Mom

How can I help my Mom

My mom is under medicines for arthritis. Sometimes she got severe pain in her fingers, especially her thumb finger. At times the pain would be that severe that she would be crying out of pain. My classmate last day suggested me about this brace when I shared about this. I want to help my mom come out of this trouble asap. I don't want to see her suffering because of this anymore. Will TK Thumbster brace ( ) help my Mom come out of this situation?

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it may help support and warm her hand/thumb but it would be better if the consultant/ nurse suggested and sourced it, as it would be designed to fit your mum. Hopefully her arthritis meds will kick in but im sure you will help with things that are hard to do with hands ie peeling/chopping vedge and lifting kettle of water,it is great that you are thinking so much about her.


Hi iola

I have something similar to this but as Eastbourne lady says its best if it is left to her rheumy or nurse.

They can find the correct one for her which will give the most benefit and they will be from a reputable supplier.Not suggesting in any way that these are not but from a medical source it should be.

There are different types,and I must say that mine make it awkward to do some of the daily tasks that Eastbourne,lady has mentioned so it's best she speak to rheumy to establish what's best for her,and accommodate her needs.

Good luck,



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Hi Iola, kind friend you have searching out splints for your Mam's hand.

Really just to each what has already been said. Rather than buy one that may or may not help get one professionally made.

I was reffered to the hand treatment clinic. My appointment came through very quickly and I have found the splints I was given very helpful. Your GP could refer your Mam and it might be quicker than going through the rheumatology team, unless of course she is seeing them in the near future.

I really hope your Mam's medication if she is on some, works really quickly and if she is not something is done quickly. It is scary seeing the people you love in pain. So fingers crossed she gets some relief soon.

Take Care


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I agree with the advice already given as there probably isnt one size fits all for hand problems. The specialists at the hospital are best to advise on this. However, as a mother with RA I can tell you that having a daughter who is as concerned as you is wonderful. Its a good idea to read up on this illness as its not very straight forward and can be two steps forward one step back at times. Patience and understanding are really precious !

Good luck in your attempts to help


Thank you all for your concern and suggestions. I can't see her suffering like this. Thought this would give some sort of relief to her. Anyways, thank you so much for your replies. I can't see her suffering like this.


All I can add is to take advice from a rheumatologist asap. I have the same problems with my fingers/thumbs as my late mother, and got to the specialist quickly. I later found out that my mother had seen the same specialist at a much later stage in life than me, and there was nothing they could do for her(except suggest OTC pain relievers). The damage had been done. I have been on the latest meds pretty much from the beginning of my consultations and my hands are only being affected VERY slowly. I am so glad that I live in this era,as the new pharmaceuticals have been wonderful for me.


Thank you Aless2002 for your concern. She is already under medicines for this.


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