Help for my Nan please

Hi, my Nan is 85 and has rheumatoid arthiritis in her hip and her left hand. She is a great deal of pain in her hip despite her GP trying her on a variety if pain killers, and even patches. She is extremely depressed, is not sleeping properly and it is even getting to the point where she is struggling to cope (she lives alone). Is there anything which you know of which may help control her pain? Or is there anything we can be doing? Many thanks for all your help x

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Give the NRAS helpline a ring (number on the home page) They are very imformative and have lots of info on various pain meds.Her GP could refer her to a pain clinic for advice too

Julie x


Hi there. You could also talk to her about getting the maximum help she can from local authority, as there is still a certain amount of home help support available. The first step is a needs assessment, and nothing is quick. However it's worth starting the process so that some help will arrive (eventually). Talk to her about it - it's not charity and she will remain in control, I say that just in case she's like my mum: stubborn & independent! But my mum (93 and also living alone despite being nearly blind and deaf) now appreciates the help she gets.


Hi, I agree with what's already been said, speak to your GP about a referral to pain management clinic also, your local adult services team who will carry out an assessment (how quick this happens depends on need) and a variety of support can be put in place depending on your nan's overall wellbeing. Age concern also offer a variety of support depending on the area she lives.

As for immediate help, has she tried the gels you rub into the affected area sometimes these can provide almost instant pain relief plus the massaging helps with blood flow, and try a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel and placed over the hip this can provide some soothing comfort and pain relief.

It's no wonder your nan is so down, constant pain is awful and eats away at you to the point where you no longer want to go on, she's lucky to have a wonderful grandaughter looking out for her.

Good luck hope you get the help your nan deserves.

Beth xx


Is she seeing a rheumatologist? It sounds as t hough she isn't having proper treatment for RA. Hope you can get proper help soon.



thank you everybody. I will speak to her GP and ask for a referral to a pain clinic, does every hospital have one?


yes most hospitals have a pain clinic, and I would see about help for her at honme either with care or direct payements or even just sending a disa bilty worker round to see if they can help with aids for her around the home to make life easier, it wont cost you anything to ask just search on your local council website for phone numbers they are normally pretty quick at helping out x

take care off you both xx


It does sound as though the poor dear may have had an arthritis of some type for quite awhile. A Rheumatologist would be able to be of help, if he felt she could tolerate stronger pain meds, or if she has an inflammatory type, to try some dmards. LO


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