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You may remember I am waiting to be assessed for biologics, well that is Tuesday. I never thought the day would come. You may also remember me going on about my swollen legs. They are still the same,maybe even more so. The left leg had a bruised feeling at the back of it which over the last few days has developed into a pain when I get up from sitting or put it really straight. Googling it the symptoms fit a bakers cyst, although I can't feel a cyst. Is this an emergency or shall I tell them on Tuesday? I feel you lot would probably know the answer rather than call out of hours Dr.

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  • Dr Google! Usually ends up frightening more than a correct diagnosis. It depends if you can wait till Tuesday or if not try and get an appointment with your GP tomorrow. Good luck with the assessment. A piece of cake.

  • I don't honestly know what my GP will do? They were both very swollen last time and she blamed steroids for that. The difference is the pain at the back of the leg. Last time she said to wait and tell them at the hospital, that was three weeks ago. I wondered if I could have water tablets as my Mum called them but the Dr said it was something to do with lymph drainage.

  • If you are worried perhaps ring 111 and take it from there?

  • Hiya

    I agree with Jackie. It is a really good idea to phone 111 and tell them what you have told us and see what medical advice they have for you.

    I am really pleased you are going for assessment on Tuesday. Ten out of ten for coping so well.


  • I agree try 111 they are excellent and they do not make you feel uncomfortable.

  • Good luck for Tuesday but there is nothing to the assessment.x

  • Thank you, the first was easy.

  • could well be

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