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More meds arghhh! Anyone else had to increase?

Sorry having a arghhh moment 😬. Came back from Mr Rheumy - he said not happy with markers ESR 21, CRP 29. So he has given more meds this is my worst nightmare, but got to do what I have to do right? So herewith my list:

Increased Mtx from 15 to 20mg. He tried to reassure me and say in the US they go to 30 but not in the UK.

Increased folic acid daily except day of mtx

Added Hydroxychloroauine 200mg daily

And to help get rid of the inflammation in feet - remember I said cannot walk - he said I must take the Prednisolone: 4 per day for one week, 3 per day for one week, 2 per day for one week then 1 per day for one week then stop!

Anyone else feel flat after having to take all these meds. Swallowing those tablets today was so hard, had to force myself to say do it....

Oh and he said do it google or read forums as I guess the stories may encourage me to throw them all down the loo 🚽 Need my forums 😊

Was so encouraged about this food way of controlling RA, now thinking of why deprive myself as 3 months and still the same after eating so well!

Anyhow hope you all are coping and being positive, as we must. Blessing to you all, stay strong. I shall keep you posted.

I should add to this, he said I I definitely would need the injections, but cannot put me through until he takes me through this stage ! Has to be after 6 months, he said June now.

Anyone else on the increase of meds? Let me know how you coped, could do with reassurance on this prescribed cocktail. - as always big hug πŸ€—

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It happens....at one point I was taking over 90 pills a week. I increased little by little, so it sort of snuck up on me that I was on such a huge cocktail. But yes, 20g MTX, 400mg Hydroxy and 3g of Sulphasalazine. Plus folic acid, anti-inflammatoires, a stomach protector and vit D and a few other things for other health conditions. But the important thing was that IT WORKED!

I've been more or less in remission now for several years, and have managed to drop back to 1.5g Sulpha so with the swap to injectable MTX I'm down to about 50 pills a week which feels like a real treat.

It's hard to get your head around, and hard to look at these pills as friends rather than enemies but it does become easier over time. I had some weekly pills boxes hand made for me (I wrote a post on them if you want to see them) and I found that helped make pill taking a positive part of the day rather than a chore that I wanted to avoid.

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Wow, looks like my cocktail is bearable now you have shared yours.

Thank you so much for such a thoughtful reply, it made me smile. Mr Rheumy is keen for me to get to a 'remission' with a switch to the injections by June. So the lovely, inspirational bunch on this forum will be hearing about my eventful days. (Promise not to whinge).

Sending you a big THANKS, as you've given me the hope and big prod needed to just do this it βœ”οΈ. Three months, day 1 and counting.

So my cocktail of meds and healthy eating it is. Oh and a pill box from Amazon too!

Stay well, stay blessed.


These are my boxes,


A bit of a one-off, but the important thing to me was to change the way I felt about taking all these pills, so maybe you could find something that makes you smile too.


Oops sorry acted in haste - thank you 😊


Never mind. I'm koo koo. Now I understand. Your message was only written hrs ago. Your pill boxes picture was sent a year ago. I'm learning.🌻


Just looked at them. So cute and much nicer than the plastic ones. Like is all I struggle to feel positive about the drugs but this could help! Thanks


Forgot to say, love to have the info on the pill boxes if poss 😊 Thanks


HH is right. At my worst I was taking 23 tablets a day, seven days a week. Now down to 19 per day plus 10 Mtx per week - going in the right direction, I think!

It is Really difficult to get Ones head around taking so many meds but I know for me, much needed as without them, I wouldn't function so now I just close my eyes, pop them in and try not to think about it .

I am hopeful that in time, the amount of tablets I take will continue to reduce and I reach that blissful place that is remission . I hope this for you and all of us here.


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Thank you Mary, needed to hear these words, comforting and consoling 😊. All the best!


Btw sorry Marie to spell your name incorrectly ! I need to slow down 😊


I'm on 22.5mg Methotrexate, Hydrixychloroquine, frolic acid 6 days a week plus taken Naproxen, Oneprazole and co-codamol at night. The thought of all those makes me quake in my shoes, but they work!

I feel fabulous (as fabulous as it gets with RA), I'm under control and whilst I still hurt I can lead a near normal life at the moment.

It is scary but I trust my rheumy and do as I'm told, and glad I did.

I've felt good before then haveca wobble and need to adjust my drug cocktail - but it does work. Just takes time.

Hang on in there πŸ˜€X

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Thanks for the encouragement! So I woke up this morning with pinches and tingly pain in right leg - went to the Drs who claimed not the Predinosone probably the nerves, just happened to start post the tablets consumed yesterday. Had to take another 4 this morning - praying on this one. It's all good 😊


Hi I am taking something similar to you. Not steroids but I take naproxen as I have osteo arthritis as well. Thought I'd be clever and cut Dion to one naproxen big mistake, gave been in agony for a month. Back on two then. You just have to take what you need to be 'normal'. Hugs to you, if you can bear them!


Agreed - I know how tricky it is for us all, but we push through. Taking it day by day. Have a lovely day weather looks great πŸŒ₯.


Pills, pills and more pills seems the order of the day and here's my list. ..

2 gabapentin x3 times daily

2 salfasalazine ( going up to 4 daily next week)

2 ranitidine x2 daily

1 iron

1 vitamin

2 anti nausea (day of and day after jab)

1 steroid

1 meloxicam

1 cocodomol

1 methotrexate jab weekly

I went from no meds to this crazy list of 116 a week over the last year since diagnosis.

M x


and I cut dairy and meat from my diet 10 months ago and still the RA is active! Fingers, hands, wrists, feet and ankles! I'll get there! M x


Thanks for sharing! Looks like we all have these exhaustive list to get through 😬

It does make you think - I did the same, deprived myself totally ate clean, so was disappointed when markers were slighy up. I said to my Rheumy, may as well eat fish and chips!

I am going to live life as best I can as there is no magic cure for RA just learning to cope with it. Have a glorious weekend πŸŒ₯

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