Hello everyone,we have just got back from a sun holiday(4 days away) We went to Alnwick castle and gardens,we didn't do the castle as we spent the whole day in the gardens and took loads of photos. We went to several other places as well and it was a lovely week away. The one sad part was my hubby tripped over the wire on my heated shawl and fell over and hit his back. Turns outs he has cracked a rib and he has been in a lot of pain since. We went to A&E and got him checked out and the person that saw us said he lucky that he didn't hurt his kidneys. I have been in a lot of pain with my neck and my hands and my eyes have not been very good,but i am seeing the rheumy next week so we will see what happens.xxx

PS; this is the fountain at Alnwick gardens.

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  • Blimey the two of you are terribly accident prone Sylvi?! - sorry about your poor hubby - hope it didn't spoil your holiday too much? Take care and let us know how it goes with your rheumy. X

  • Will do darling.xxx

  • Pleased you had a nice break.... not so for your hubby though it does sound he was fortunate not to do more damage, I do hope it doesn't hamper him too much. Let us know how your appointment goes won't you Sylvi?

    The pic is lovely. x

  • I love Alnwick gardens and the castle and the assist and disability help is very good I thought .

    Glad u got the good weather.

    Hugs to hubby xx tho not too tight!

  • We didn't do the castle we were having too much fun in the garden Allanah.xxx

  • Do the castle next time it's great fun!! And they too have special hideaway lifts to get u up the main stairs!!

  • Love the picture Sylvi. Pleased you had some good days. Hope you your H feels better soon and hope your appointment goes well. x

  • I love the picture, too :) It makes me want to come play tourist. Please let darling hubby know that his desire to share your pain is very noble, but perhaps misguided. I hope your rheumy can be helpful, but how lovely that you took a little time regardless. xx

  • Thank you darling for the laugh,poor man is in agony this morning and can hardly move a bit like me as i am stiff and sore at the moment,but thanks to you i have had a good laugh and it is only just after seven.xxxx

  • Poor chap. I frequently nearly trip people up with my crutch . Haven't succeeded yet! I do hope his pain diminishes soon, but the good memories of your holiday outlast the bad ones.

    I'm off for a few days in Dorset tomorrow. After all this lovely weather, it's very disappointing that the forecast is cold, wet, windy! I do hope they've got it wrong at last. Jora

  • I hope you have a lovely time in Dorset.xxx

  • Glad you had a lovely break. Sorry to hear poor Bob's in lot of pain, hope he feels better soon Lynda xx

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