Shoulder surgery

Finally have a date for subacromial decompression (think that is correct term) on right shoulder after suffering from this since last summer. Will also be doing some manipulation while under anaesthesia. Pain is now manageable (or have I just got use to it!) and am wondering should I have this done. On reading some old posts seems recovery takes long time. Anyone any recent experiences of this. Thanks Sue x

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  • Hi Sue ,

    I had same op on my left shoulder only yesterday. Like you I was getting used to nearly a year of pain and restricted movement but surgeon said even if it improved over time it would probably happen again. I've been advised to take 4 weeks off of work (teaching assistant so quite active). He said I'd need intensive physio and have first appointment on Monday so not sure what that will involve yet! 

    Have you long to wait ? Just ask if there are any questions I can answer as it is still very fresh in my memory!


  • That's a very recent experience! I hope you are not in too much pain. My date is about 4 weeks away. Am retired but live alone and am right handed. Am concerned about the amount of movement I will have immediately afterwards. Hope your physio goes well. Perhaps you could update your progress. Take care. Sue x

  • Pain's not as bad as I expected, nothing like bad RA pain. Very restricted movement though at the moment and think it would be quite tricky if I didn't have someone here. Got stuck getting undressed last night and today will need help with changing  dressings. Had to tell the hospital who would be with me for 24 hrs after anaesthetic too.  Is there anyone who could stay with you for a few days ? Also can't drive for at least a week. X

  • Thanks for the update. My daughter will stay with me after op do that's good. 

  • Sorry pressed wrong button. She will stay with me for few days. Hopefully after that will be ok. Have got used to ways of undressing etc over last months. Rather like strange yoga moves! Hope you continue to improve and physio goes well. X

  • I had my left shoulder done Feb last year a right shoulder May last year. Left better, but still painful when doing some reaches ( manageable) the sharp biting pain on movement has gone. Right shoulder - amazing result. Suffered for 5 years with pain, fobbed off with steroid injections and mis-management from several doctors/ consultants. In my experience they have been exceptionally worthwhile operations. Recovery pain, nothing to worry about, all manageable compared to our r.a. pain. Physio afterwards is intense but you see yourself getting better and it is manageable and a positive experience . I was off for 9-12 weeks with each operation, I'm a music teacher so couldn't really manage my job effectively without this time off. Best of luck, I am sure you will be delighted with the results, both ops have changed my life for the better, I am sure you will be pleased with result!xx take care xx

  • Oops meant to add, lots of stretchy tops, vests etc that you can step into. I bought some poncho style jumpers, easy to put on and some stretchy vest top bras. Needed someone with me for about two days at home and then managed to get by. Freezer full of easy to prepare food! Needed a bit of help bathing and washing hair too. Ended up just going to hairdresser for wash and dry, much easier. Took a few weeks til I could drive, had to inform insurance of operation. Physio told me when safe to drive so took my lead from then.   Best of luck xx

  • Thanks for your reply and helpful hints. Hopefully weather will be bit warmer by then and won't need so many layers on! Take care. X

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