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Shoulder Surgery

Well my lucky number finally came up after 16 months and I am going in for shoulder surgery on Saturday to fix a bone spur and rotator cuff tear. I guess until I manage to be able to type one handed I may not be doing much responding to posts. The worst part of this has been going off enbrel and now nearly two weeks in and working full time I am hanging out for work to finish on Friday as I am feeling incredibly fatigued and every joint is in so much pain. I guess that is going to be nothing compared to post surgery, but at least that will distract me from the other pain hahahahah Been trying to do some things left handed and I think I can pretty much say I suck at that!!!! I think I am about to have a steep learning curve in left handed use for soooo many things.

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Good luck with your op on Saturday, and I also wish you a speedy recovery. I broke my right wrist a couple of years before I retired from teaching, and it was amazing how soon I was able to write legibly on the board with my left hand.

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Thanks. I don't hold out hope of being very good at left handed stuff hahahahah


I had a shoulder opp 2 years ago for a torn rotator cuff (on my right shoulder & I'm right handed) I was off work 6 weeks. The opp went really well although I had to stay in overnight because I was still dizzy and felt sickly from the anaesthetic. But even the post opp was fine, the treatment I received from the consultant and nurses was really excellent.

It was frustrating trying to do everything myself (I live on my own) and I had to use public transport - that was the worst - one time I pressed the bell for the bus to stop and by the time I stood up (knees had stiffened up) and got to the front of the bus the driver had started to pull away !! I pointed out that their signage says "Do not stand up until the bus is in a stationary position" or something like that...... he did apologise especially when he saw my arm was in a sling. And when someone would plonk themselves in the seat beside me they would bump my shoulder - so be careful and protect your shoulder/arm.

The other problem was trying to wash my hair. Having a shower was ok, but trying to butter a slice of toast was a laugh.

All in all it was an experience and tested my independence to the limit.

Good luck hun..... xx

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Thanks for your tips. Yes I am right handed too so have done all the birthday cards ready to post as my writing would be illegible. My husband is elderly and a bit demented so I will only have one day and night alone with him and a friend is coming for a week. I have made about two weeks worth of meals for after she leaves and I am terrified he will bump me during the night but he refuses to sleep in another room and I can;t get in and out of the beds in the other rooms due to the RA. Been off my enbrel for two weeks now so I am really feeling it, should be in full flare after the op! hahaha Oh well last day of work and I am looking forward to a bit of a rest I think I have done a months work in the last week feeling like I am thinking through treacle!


I have my right one being done for shoulder impingement In about 4 weeks and i'm right handed so you won't be alone there. I tried opening a can left handed, soup covered me and the entire work surface !

I had the left one done last June, it doesn't take long to get it moving but the relief of finally no shoulder pain is amazing .

Good luck with yours :)


yes the prospect of only using my left hand for 6 weeks is daunting. oh well

I am sure i will live. Good luck with your op,


Hi, I've had both my shoulders done, it's been a few years, they are fine most of the time, but if I overdo it, over stretch, lift something a bit heavy, it can aggravate it, but I'm happy to be pain free most of the time, hope all goes well for you, xx


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