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Injections - which one?

Hi so I've seen my Rheumi nurse and despite the steroid injection my DAS scores were high enough to qualify for biological treatment. But which one?

I know the forum members cannot give medical advice (frankly I have that coming out my ears) I need some help with the medication it effects people in their every day life.  

The two I have a choice of is Humira or Enbrel. So (in a Harry Hill type way) which is better day to day? What are you're experiences?  I said I'd let the nurse know on Monday - if I leave it too late I may never make the decision. Any help given will be greatly appreciated


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Hi ! Look on the Nras website at the section on biologics and that will arm you with evidence. 

I had both and injected both if I remember rightly weekly , which was fine. I found I had no side effects with either and both were easy to do once I knew how to inject. 

Humira had a few more websites to look at and look for advice on so I liked that . Both work in similar ways I believe. 

So both are pretty similar , personally I felt enbrel less painful and Humira you had to remember to take out of the fridge before you do it or it stung. Humira did give me personally the best effect but enbrel did too !! 

Toss a coin lol ! Just read up and see what you think sounds best to you. Side effects are similar etc etc! I had enbrel first then Humira as enbrel stopped working for me ? But then Humira did but a little longer than enbrel! 

Decisions decisions, but great news your getting biologics! 


Thanks. I have been looking at the websites and yes lots of useful info. But it's not the same as hearing from someone who has experience taking it. Thanks again really helpful

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Hi, get in touch with our helpline tomorrow on 0800 2987650 or by email at and they will be able to send you some information sheets on both drugs and answer any questions you might have.

Hope this helps.  Val, NRAS


Thanks. I'll do that on Friday. 


Hi Ranjanaa

I am really pleased for you.

Good advice already. There is lots of good info out there to help you make your choice.

I was offered Humira or Enbrel too and chose Enbrel because it had a good record and was weekly. Humira was fortnightly and, at the time, I was so immobile and in such pain that I didn't think or believe I could last two weeks between injections! It was that reason alone that swayed the decision making process.  No logic or proof just desperation and fear. 

When I told the rheumy nurse of my choice she said it was a good choice as if it went wrong it would be out of my system quicker! She has a certain way with words but with hindsight it was a fair comment and she has many years of experience.

I had my first injection two years on Thursday! No regrets.

Wish you well with your decision making process. 

All the best


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Thanks. Good point regarding leaving the system. Having had a washout for lefludomide I won't want to go through that again


I started on Enbrel because it had a shorter half-life and would wash out of the system more quickly. However I had injection site reactions (ISRs) which meant I had to stop it. I'm now on Humira and very pleased to only be injecting once a fortnight as weekly was very difficult when I was still itching and in pain from the previous week.

So it's swings and roundabouts! With hindsight I wish I had been advised to delay the injections once I started reacting....that way maybe I would have been able to tolerate the Enbrel, which was working very well. Instead the advice was to grin and bear it. I shall not do that again.....

 Hopefully your path will be trouble free whichever you choose!


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