RA and others cannot decide which is which anymore???

I have Ra Sero positive Anti CCp negative currently on mxthrate and prednisolone seeing Occ therapist for problems with my thumbs I have cervical spondylosis history of coccdydynia and trochantreic bursitis and not to forget a i had a lumber disc prolapse 2 and half years ago for which I take co-codamol as and when having had the disc repaired....... what I am trying to get my head around is that I am in pain every day no matter what i do or what drugs I take and the hardest thing is when I see anyone from the medical profession whether it be my doctor, my consultant or speak to my Ra nurse I cannot decide which ailment is causing the pain??? This is causing me so much distress I know each problem has to be dealt with individually but I have had enough. I used to be more than happy to take any drug that was prescribed but I now feel that every time I try and discuss my pains they just throw another drug at me to take this cannot be the answer my quality of life is important and at only 53 years old working full time I cannot afford to be a zombie please just let me know I am not going mad......... 

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  • Hi no your not going mad, this disease is so annoying because it brings on loads off different problems to other parts of the body. I've just been medically retired at 51 and its lifted a big wait off my mind as I was getting stressed out because I couldn't do my job anymore due to my illness I have RA and oa and I learned very quickly that your only a number at work, but don't be too hard on yourself  I agree with you that they are too quick to throw tablets at people instead of trying to solve the problem , so just make a stand and tell them you want them to listen and try to solve problem    Before y go to the Rheumy do y write a list of questions y want to ask them because before y know it the appointments over and take photos off your imflamation to show them and keep a diary of how your days are, we things like that can make a difference to your appointments , it's things like that I learned from this site take care xxx

  • Hi Popsmith thank you so much for replying I am off to my doctors next week so hopefully he will give me the time to listen. I will make sure I go armed with details of how I feel day to day :)

  • It does sound as though you need a med review if your pain isn't controlled in spite of prescribed pain relief. Are you confident it's one or the other? By that I mean can you distinguish which pain is caused by what? The reason I ask is a couple of years ago I was shocked to learn that the pain I was experiencing wasn't my RD not well enough controlled but my OA advancing. When I was diagnosed with seropositive RD I was also diagnosed with cervical spondylosis & since then lumbar spondylosis & now hips & knees. When my Rheumy told me it was OA progressing I had swollen & painful knees, unusual for me but it was determined as the swelling was more puffy than RD swelling. She referred me back to my GP to manage my OA & over several months we worked on my pain relief & I'm pretty well pain free. I say pretty well because just this morning woke with similar back & hip pain to before I started my pain meds so I'll see how it goes tonight & if it's the same again I'll see my GP & see what she makes of it. I need to see her anyway as a sample of what was considered a fungal nail infection has come back clear so need that exploring further!

    If you think you could determine just where your pain, how often or when it's at it's worst & maybe write it down for your next appointment possibly the root of your pain can be determined & properly managed for you as well? Not down things like whether it's worse at night or when you've been sitting a while, repetitive use etc, specific inflammation or swelling? I hope you'll be able to work out difference, living in constant pain is hard work & probably disrupting your sleep if you're anything like I was.

  • Hi thanks for your comments this has now been going on for around 9 years and the RA for the last 2 all I seem to hear is that it is just wear and tear but I agree I will have to write a diary to explain to anyone that listens what my pains are during the day etc....

  • Well if your RD is considered well controlled by your bloods, examinations &, most importantly, listening to you then maybe they're right & it is wear & tear but it can be very painful. The trouble is because OA isn't what they're treating & unfortunately part of aging they often throw the "just" in & it's not a just stubbing your toe type of pain & needs controlling. Sorry, got me going, it's because I appreciate how frustrating it must be for you & it can be really wearing. I take co-codamol 30/500's for breakthrough pain & I forgot to say I have trochanteric bursitis too but that's settled somewhat at the mo. As popsmith suggested take pics of any swelling, just in case you won't have any when you're seen next & they may be able to explain the difference if it is OA & do as mine did & ask your GP to help, or even refer you to a Pain Clinic. x

  • Hi.  You are not going mad but this lousy disease wants us to think so at times.  You really need to see a GP that will listen to you.  If you are not satisfied and you have other doctors in the practice  it might be good to speak to one of them.  Tell them exactly how you are feeling and that the stress is getting on top of you.  Good luck.

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