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Hot and cold sweats

Daughter was diagnosed with RA in Dec age 24. She has had three cortisone steroid injection. On methotrexate and hydrocloquine. In 8 weeks we will know if mtx is working as it is the steroids that are doing the job just now. She has been suffering from hot and cold sweats. Is this a sign of ra or the Meds. How long will she take mtx as I heard as it is a chemo drug she will have to change at some point ?

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Very sorry for your daughter as it's tough to get a chronic disease at her age. But modern treatments are much better, so you can live a pretty normal life once you've found the combination of drugs that work for you.

Anyway, things like hot and cold sweats could just be a sign that the disease is pretty active right now, as it does make you feel like you have flu. Or it could be the meds. Not a helpful answer I'm afraid! Best thing is for her to tell her rheumy team and ask their advice.

As for staying on MTX and hydroxy, I know people who've been on them 20 years now with no problems. The dose we take is a small fraction of what's used for chemotherapy. But with luck if the disease is treated hard now, it might be possible to reduce the drugs later - especially if she wants to get pregnant she'll have to come off them. So Remind her to have regular eye tests, and use very effective contraception and it should all be fine.

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Pretty normal I think. I remember them well. Every bodies different though. RA is inflammatory and systemic so you can feel really unwell. Methotrexate worked pretty well for me with other drugs added in. I've had RA since 30yrs old now over61 still here having a giggle. Life does change but RA treatment today have come along way. Positive attitude really helps along with someone helping you to keep your joints moving. My 8 yr old daughter helped me do mine , bless her and I had to keep going as I was a single parent with two children. It's surprising what you can do if you have to. My advice take it as it comes, you do feel down some times but I to think that's normal, this disease is unpredictable and invisible. The general public don't understand it. If you have an RA support group in your area go along you'll meet other people in the same boat and learn lots of extra hints and tips. Quite often they have health professional giving talks or other interesting things going on. NRAS also have their help line and you can get so much info from them. Beware of the Internet though as you get some rubbish info as well. Good luck, keep positive.

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Hi Alib,

If your daughter has any questions she can ring the NRAS helpline on 0800 298 7650 Monday to Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


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