I ways wondering if it is common to suffer from hot sweats and if this was a symptom with having RA or poss a side effect of the meds poss?

I was diagnosed with RA in 2013 Jan, I'm age 34. The meds I take are MTX x 8 foliic acid the day after, hydroxychloroquine (2 daily), voltorol when I feel necessary. I have also been taking fluoxetine x 2 for low moods for approx 12mths. I am quite a warm person anyway but for quite a while now I have been feeling so hot I feel like I could self combust. It's so uncomfortable when I start to do anything at all, any task no matter how strenuous, I sweat profusely and feel really self conscious about it. I have recently had a tummy bug so had to have a couple of days off work, I was due to go back in today, got ready set off for my bus and had to come back home as I was feeling awful, really weak, dizzy and was absoloutely wet through, this is starting to take over my life and is affecting me daily. Thank you in advance for your advice. X

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  • hi...i am exactly the same it has really affected my daily life...always feel like i am going to collapse.....my doc seems to think it is to do with my thyroid which is underactive but after reading your post i shall mention it to my ra doc too...no-one has come up with a way of controlling it for me tho they have tried several different changes in meds....good luck and keep us posted if you find a solution xx

  • Thanks so much 4 replying. It seems this is quite common. I have managed to get an appointment with my gp in the morn so think I'll be asking her to give me a checkup of a few things it could also be? Ive got my rheumy appt this month 2 so il see what my nurse says. Thank you, I hope u get answers 2 :) xx

  • i was 60 when i was first diagnosed with RD. i was still in the 'change' so both my GP and myself put it down to that. at 64 i'm still getting sweats, though not nearly as bad since i have started bio's.

    i complained to my rheumy doc too. i explained to him once that my bottom sheet was like the 'Turin Shroud" some morning when i would get up! believe me that is not an exaggeration!

    neither he, and he is wonderful, nor my GP, and he is wonderful too, have ever said it is related to RD.

    to me it is just too much of a coincidence. it has to be. i think maybe it is a signal of the amount of inflammation going on in our bodies. it would be interesting to know if men with RD, and of a certain age, suffer from the same side effect.

    the bio's have greatly reduced the amount of pain i'm in and that in turn has effected the amount of sweats i have........seems logical to me......

  • Hiya Claretsfan. Sorry you're having these symptoms, I can empathise with you, but will get back to that. The first thing I'm a little surprised about is the amount of folic acid you take, especially all the same day after you take MTX. I take 5mg each day except MTX day which has helped enormously but would have thought so many would have reduced the effect of the MTX. Is this how your Rheumy prescribed folic acid? If so all well & good but if not I would question him/her about it. The second is fluoxetine. Have you mentioned any of your symptoms to your GP? It is maybe possible that they're side effects of those as a close family member was prescribed this when going through divorce but just one 20mg daily so half the dose you're taking, had problematic side effects & was withdrawn from it.

    I know this is a bit long winded, as I said it could be a side effect of one of your meds but I also have been suffering of late & though older than you at very nearly 54 I mentioned it to my GP when I saw him about something else regarding RD & he ordered FSH bloods which came back sky high, so a positive menopausal symptoms in my case. It could be worth requesting, if when you ask your Rheumy he doesn't think it's any of your meds, an FSH test from your GP as it could be hormone related, not to say it's menopausal at your age but to at least rule it out if it comes back as normal for your history if you've not had any hormonal problems in the past.

    Not that it takes the problem away but I've found one of the small hand held battery operated fans a help when I have them. I still go beetroot red though & that's somewhat of a giveaway!!

    I think the best idea would be to see your GP first & question the fluoxetine, he'll have a better idea than any of us I would have thought as really you need professional help with this. It's debilitating for something that may be not specifically related to RD so hope you get some help with it soon.

    Hope this tome helps & let us know how you get on.

  • Hello, I think she means 8 MTX tablets, not 8 folic acid! Virge

  • Read it again.... yes, silly me! Thanks Virge.

  • I am so glad you have written this. I'm 62 and have been sweating for 10 years doc said menopause,I just don't believe it. This is not normal menopause . Like you first thing in the morn when I wake sweating ,when is eat sweating sat driving sweating. Trying to sleep so hot mepy head wants to burst. I am certain after 10 years my hormones are ok.i was going to mail to see if anyone else is getting this. You have my sympathy it is horrid, keep smiling though.

  • Forgot to say I'm not on any meds can't take them x

  • I asked my doc for bloods for hormones just smiled said no period for ten years your on menopause. I mentioned to specialist no reaction . So what can you do. Anything you learn please pass it on. They did do thyroid that was ok. I always feel they just think I moan. I don't

  • Hi artyone you said in a recent post about sweating that you have had a thyroid test. Was it a full test or just TSH? I wondered as I am seeing my GP next week for a similar thing, sweating, swelling ankles and the inability to lose weight along with the usual fibro and RD symptoms. I had a hysterectomy 12 years ago at the age of 40 (oops now Ive revealed my age I am really still only 39 ha ha) I want to ask him to do a full thyroid test and hormone blood test but from the thyroiduk posts it appears doctors dont like doing them (money I expect). I feel like Im always moaning and a hypochondriac but is that just how the medical profession makes me feel? I think so. gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • Have had this problem for last 5 yrs. Definitely not menopausal, I'm 67! Doesn't seem to change as meds change, so I'm hoping someone has an answer!!!

  • That's a long time to put up with it hatshepsut (what does that mean? I've wondered before, being nosey!). Have you had any tests to rule out other than your meds changed? Not sure I could have stood it so long not knowing!

  • It's because I have a passion for Egyptology, have done loads of courses at uni since I was forced to give up work, keeps the grey matter active!!! She was a woman pharoah, and I'm drawn to a woman who had so much power!

    I've had all sorts of tests, tried different combinations of drugs.It boils down to hobsons choice, I need the drugs to control the RD, sjorgrens, depression and now possible raynauds, if I leave some off the sweating might improve, but everything else will go pearshaped. That's a risk too far. I'm just beginning to feel that I might be getting some of my life back, so I'm scared of rocking the boat.

    So I cope with it as best I can, keep well hydrated, have a damp flannel in my bag, if all else fails, head for the loo! It's not great, but I think it's the only answer for me!

    Mavis x

  • Sorry missed your reply, but all's clear now & great name considering your reasons!! Well done you for redirecting your energy (?) into something that you have such a passion in, so thanks for telling me. I'm also intrigued by Egyptology, maybe not so much as you but we were on the point of booking our honeymoon in Egypt because of my interest when I had a spontaneous pneumothorax & have wondered since, maybe being a bit off the wall here, if something was stopping me from going subliminally. You hear such odd coincidences with Lord Caernarvon & other such reporting though appreciate it could all be hogwash. Obviously I couldn't fly so ended up in the Lakes in a caravan!!

    It's awful when something happens that we basically have little control over & the fear of upsetting everything else stops us in our tracks & just have to put up with yet another thing. Sounds like you have it somewhat sorted to ease your problem though even if it's not the totally the answer. My reasoning was I didn't want to add another med into the mix & still possibly have the same problem when I eventually came off it in later years when otherwise I'm reasonably ok with it & talking it through with my h he says he's lived with me long enough to duck when I fly off the handle lol!!

  • I am the exact same sweat pours off me I have R.A for 4 years now but it is just lately that this is happening. My consultan. Mentioned thyroid glan at my last appt but I haven,t heard anything since my appt last monday it is so embarssing when the sweat is pouring off you

  • I since ingot RA get very hot and sweaty. I imagine it like all the inflammation in my body gets my joints and organs hot so I'm always boiling hot and feeling sweaty! Yuk! But weirdly when I go to a hot country I feel better ! Who knows !

  • Ive been told it's metho x I get cold sweats too xx

  • I am now 62 and have had severe menopausal hot flushes and sweating since my early 50s although I have always suffered from these type of symptoms which suggests a lifetime hormonal problem. I was prescribed HRT and was gradually decreasing daily dose to 3 pills a week when RA struck in early 2013.

    Started on Omeprazole, Naproxine, MTX and folic acid, I decided to drop the HRT.

    Well! As the lack of HRT combined with the inflammation of RA and the effects of MTX, I had terrible day sweats, night sweats and was continually drenched. People stared more at this than my swollen joints and passing children commented on it!

    When I saw the consultant, I explained and said, although there are risks to HRT in later years, I felt it was quality of life that was important. Luckily, he was sympathetic and agreed my GP could prescribe it.

    I now take Kliovance, 1 pill daily and, within a week, magic, NO hot flushes, hardly any daytime sweats and hughly reduced night sweats.

    Worth discussing with your surgery ..........

  • Hi there

    I have been having the same problem for just over four years now. Just drying myself after a shower and I sweat so much I need another shower. I'm on different meds to you, but have been told it is a feature of the treatment modalities for RD. I have been given Oxybutynin hydrchloride 2.5 mg 3 times daily. It does take some getting used to, but they do help. Doesn't stop me getting very hot but not dripping everywhere. You have to learn to pace yourself, and take care you do not overheat. Hope this helps you.


  • Hi I have suffered consistently with hot sweats just as you describe, def linked to RA. I am on the biologic tocilizamab and they are greatly improved. I carry a small towel everywhere. It seems to affect everything.

    Best wishes


  • I get so hot I have to tie my hair up as it is soaking . They too said thyroid but that was ok . I am sure its mtx ss when I had a week off mtx it improved . They keep saying it's not linked but it soo is .. menopause will be easy after all this practice

  • Hiya Jo. I'be been a sun worshipper all my adult life & believe MTX changed my tolerance to heat & makes me a grease spot with no effort! And be careful what you wish for, the menopause without HRT is no walk in the park & add MTX into the mix & .....well you can guess the rest lol!! ;)

  • I know it will be crap but if im not flippant about the menopause it ll get me too xx

  • It'll get you anyway, you can't run fast enough!! That's why I decided against HRT, I don't want it biting me in the bum again in my 70's coming off it & prefer to cope as I am now without more meds in the mix. x

  • Hi claretsfan80, I also have RA along with fibromyalgia. I do get very hot and start sweating. I know mine is from themed so take. Also itching the combination of meds do it. I thank methotrexate Enbril plaquenil prednisone anew others. I have never sweated to the point my cloths get all wet and dripping down my face. I know it not pleasant. You can ask you doc about it. I just know it started when I started the meds. I totally understand that problem!

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