Hot sweats then suddenly going very cold!

I have RA and also Fibro but I was wondering if the hot sweats I am having are related or have I developed something else. I can go from being over hot and wet all over to being cold or be hot and cold at the same time. I feel like I am in hell - I am really struggling with this can anyone help please. i went through the menopause 6 years ago and not had this problem then.

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  • Hi. I get this a lot & I am also about 8 years past the menopause. I do have fibro & suspected RA. It feels like a bad fever doesn't it? I went out walking the dog one morning & it hit me when I was out, I had to stop because I thought I was going to pass out. I was completely soaked through my hair looked like I had been swimming. I struggled back home fell on my bed passed out, then came round about 2 hours later & started shivering uncontrollably. That was the worst incident I had of this thank goodness. I get it in the night mostly. have always wanted to know what it is. I made a phone call appointment with the dr who said it was probably an infection, but I get them a lot so I don't think that's it. Franbie x

  • Thank you Franbie for your reply. It is awful when you get an attack of the sweats and you feel like you have been in the rain or something! The back of my hair is wet and then the shivers come - I feel like it is a hell that I am in and stupidly do not know if it is worst to be so hot and wet or to be cold or both together. Having a shower feels good then I get the sweats and feel like I should be back under the shower again as I feel dirty! Maybe I am having a flare up with the rheumatoid and have raised inflammation - I think I might speak with the doctor, although I am sure I will not get a straight answer - maybe better speaking with the rheumatoid nurse -it is so exhausting I am tired out. Sorry to hear that you suffer with this too - it is hell isn't it especially having other health problems as well!! It is hard for other family members or friends to understand what you are going through - so it is good to hear from you as you understand what I am going through. Thanks again and take care x

  • It is really awful isn't it, but you are not alone it looks as though it happens to a many others with RA. I am not on RA meds yet so it's not a side affect with me. I know how you feel about the tiredness too, I feel really exhausted after doing the smallest thing nowadays. It's a good idea to speak to your doctor or nurse though & see if they can help. Hope you get help soon. Franbie x

  • Hi Area

    I suffer terribly with the same,my hair and clothes can become soaked within minutes. Also going into shops or warmer places can be very embarrassing. I am convinced it is the RA as usually I have raised inflammation levels at the same time, which can lead on to a flare.I think the only way to see the back of the dreaded sweats is when the disease is under control.

    I usually have a towel hidden somewhere, what a fashion accessorie ! Hope you can get some relief soon .

    Lorraine x

  • I get this too,not on any treatment as yet so not side effects of meds, so I figured it is all part of the fun! I have also been thru menopause too so it isn't that. I get it a lot at night and shake the bed with the shivering phase.

  • Me too! I think it is definitely related to the disease activity. Although I have a long list of drugs that can also cause sweating attacks, the variability seems to match what the disease is doing.

    I do hate having the wet hair though!

  • I have the dreadful sweating. My hair and the back of my neck are wet as if I had gone swimming. I am on HRT because I had a hysterectomy 7 years ago. I'm sure that this is to do with inflammation because when I am well, I don't sweat at all and my HRT controls everything to do with the lack of hormones.

    The only way to fight this,for me, is to get a kenalog injection and my RA treatment was increased with my Rheumy.

  • Hi I've also suffered with this for the last 3 years I also had my menopause 8 years ago and it feels different, my head starts first and yes wet hair enough to dry with the hairdryer. I blamed it on Humira but I am now on Rituximab and still get them my Rheumy nurse says it may be a way that the body gets rid of the excess inflamation she didn't poo poo it which was nice. So no answer but sympathy and empathy to all that get these horrible things. I always travel with wet wipes and a small towel in the car or big handbag. Lol. xxx

  • I also have been going thou the menopause over the past 8 years, But i have also had what you have been suffering with, it isn't nice at all, when i first got it i was very worried, but now i put it down to the steroid injections i have had in the past or all the cocktail of drugs i am on, but i have been lucky that it has only happened when i have been in door, Take care xxx

  • Thank you for your response. I do not feel alone now with this. I was so worried as I thought I might be ill with something else as well as the rheumatoid and fibro. I think it might be down to inflamation in the body and maybe a flare up combined with all the drugs!.

  • I have terrible sweats ..have done for the last few years ..but lately they are getting worse .. I have Fibro ..also underactive Thyroid ..both of witch cause the sweats ..Mine are mostly just my head and face .. it can happen any time .. The sweat just drips of me and my hair is soaking wet ..esp at the back and my fringe ..With that and other things .. its not often i go out .. and if i do .. i make sure i take wet wipes and tissues with me ..

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