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Moving house

Hi all

Exciting times for me. Removal men came yesterday to start packing with a view to moving into our brand new house. ..All very exciting. .still some uncertainty as we must have the electricity safety certificate before we can move in...All should be done today. Fingers crossed. Not sure what removal men think of me because I'm trying to sit down as much as possible so as to save my strength for unpacking. ...pain is beginning to come back so tryin to take it easy. ...would be helpful if I could banish the thoughts rushing around at four in the morning. ..still exciting after starting the house design over a year ago. ...wishing you a pain free day....sorry to bumble on.Mary

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Good luck with all that!

And you're not paying the removal people to do anything other than move stuff for you. They can think what the like.

We do need to pace ourselves and that's your priority. Take care!


Hi hope all goes well but try not to do too much ! Easily said!


Best of luck with the move Mary.xxxx


That does sound exciting. Unfortunately, good stress as well as bad stress can exacerbate the condition. But, sometimes, there are things which one wants to do, even knowing the consequences. Acquiring a new house must be one of those! Enjoy!



It's best to leave the removal people to do their own thing, so don't feel guilty that you should be doing anything, you will just get in the way. You will have more than enough to do at the other end so keep making cups of tea and sitting down a lot.


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