Moving house!

We're moving this week after 26 years in our current house so as you can guess we had a lot of stuff to clear!

The removal company were due to pack us tomorrow & move us in on Wednesday however................

they turned up this morning!!!!!!

Fortunately it has worked in our favour - we had already packed a lot of boxes, so they were able to start loading the van & have cleared most of the upstairs (apart form the beds!)

It means that I can pace myself more & hopefully not get too tired or do too much.

Wish us luck!!!

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  • Good luck from me too with your move. Hope you it's not too stressful for you and that you will be very happy in your new home ;)

  • Good luck with your move.x

  • Happy new house xx can't say I envy you packing up , think it would takes six months just to clear my hubby's garage !

  • Happy house move. Remember to redirect your mail.............. wouldn't want to miss all those super NRAS Christmas cards. I've just ordered mine ;-)


  • Good luck - hope it all goes really smoothly.

    Dotty x

  • Good luck in your new home hope everything goes smoothly x

  • Good luck with the move. Hope you'll be very happy in your new home x

  • Wishing you lots of happiness in your new home. As you say, try to pace yourself and if people offer to help do take them up on their offer. All the best x

  • I wish you all the best in your new home. Love your dogs! Maryx

  • Get a nice takeaway for your first night in the new house. Try to do everything to reduce stress. Maybe your premature move is a good thiing! Hope you enjoy your new home.

  • Pauline i hope the move goes successful. Where are you going to and are you moving into a smaller house? You are right about them coming early as you are able to pace more easily. They will do all the work so the fun will start when you come to unpack, then you will need to pace my friend. Wish you all the luck in your new home.xxxx

  • Wow. 26 years is a lot of life to move isn't it? Will you be staying in the same area or starting a totally new life?

    Hope it goes well.


  • BOB here

    The adventure begins

    Good luck with move

    Enjoy your new home


  • Much happiness in your new home.

    Last time I moved I swore that I would only ever leave this house feet first! My loft is full of the kids things - boarding it was probably a mistake!

    Cece x

  • hope the moving goes ok. Take your time when unpacking so as not to wear yourself out. There is no rush to do it in a day. Lovely photo of the dogs, what are they?


  • Thanks everyone - the removal men have been great & it has been relatively stress free so far - not sure about the un packing!!!!

    We're not moving too far away but nearer to our daughter & family & the coast - well the Solent estuary!

    We were going to downsize but seem to have gone up, house prices being cheaper there!!!!

    My dogs are labradoodles - complete nutters but great!

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