Moving forward anyway, dammit!

The weather has shifted, and so has my pain. My joints have been much better lately (though piano still hurts) but we must be heading into a rainy day or something, because I am very achy. My mood has been ever so much better, and it makes me realize that pain itself is a depressant. I'm walking more, and I've applied to be a peer mentor with the local branch of Canadian Mental Health. This week I'll be getting my doctor to fill in forms for my guide-dog application. It seems like the best thing I can do for both my physical and mental well-being is to keep moving forward. It doesn't matter if I'm moving in inches, so long as I do move. *wry grin* It's a little funny, though, that having my hands hurt today makes me realize just how much better they have been. I need to be careful of my focus, I think. I am doing good and healthy things - they must be as important to me as Weevil the EEvil RA.


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  • Wonderful to read that Bats. So positive . You are so right about constant pain being a depressant. But you say the piano still hurts. Have you tried moving it off your foot? :). Love Jo xx

  • Sounds good, Bats. Life is good. Thanks for sharing your positive thoughts & feelings! Cheers Doreen

  • Morning darling i have started walking up the stairs more,thats my little bit i am doing.xxxxx

  • You are showing great positive focus despite all that you have to deal with- what a fantastic role model, hope the mentoring goes through for you and your hands ease up.

  • Azabat, you are so right about keeping moving. Over the years I have discovered just how important activity is to people like us. Of course there are days when I can be more active than others but everyday I do walk with my two babies (my two rescues).

    I know what you meant about how when you do have pain you realise just how bad you were in the past. From diagnosis to Bio's was nearly 18 months (due to many factors) but it tells me how I have ever went back to that level of pain, disability, fatigue or head problems and for that I will always remain very, very grateful.

    Good on ya for getting out and offering your time to others......working with animals, there is nothing more rewarding, I envy you, I really do.

    All the very best. Jean.

  • Good for you! Such a positive post. And how exciting for you to be applying for a seeing eye dog. I'm sure he/she will be a great help, comfort, companion for you!

  • Lovely to read your posts. It seems whatever life throws at you, and it sometimes seems a lot, you always seem to stay positive. Long may it continue.

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