House Moving Horror

House Moving Horror

After a 10 month roller-coaster, it's third time lucky and I am moving to a little cottage (with a lift and just two minutes away from the high road). It is quite a tardis and will incorporate a lift (which I hope not to use!) Moving day was supposed to be next Tuesday, but contracts still haven't been exchanged, so completion and the removal has been postponed till 10 January. Christmas decorations, most of my clothes, books, cooking utensils etc are all packed. In what box did I pack my knickers? Where's the sugar for the workmen? Clean sheets? Where's the painting that the woman wants to have another look at? Including my own, I have over 100 paintings, most roughly the same size and all individually wrapped in bubble-wrapped. What a nightmare. My Christmas will be spent curled up in a packing case, sleeping I hope. I am sooooo tired, despite lots of generous support. Unsurprisingly, I am flaring badly, despite being on 10 mgs Prednisilone on top of MTX and Rituximab.

Still, at least I have a home and I think of poor souls around the world who aren't so lucky.

I shall miss this house, especially the garden and the outlook at the back, but I'm looking forward to creating a new, courtyard one.

All good things to you all,


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  • Oh Jora I am so sorry to hear this! Bloomin heck! Really not what you want.

    The lady will have to wait to see the painting, builders can bring their own sugar and you can order new knickers if it's easier.

    It WILL all come together very soon, you are so close, just a little while longer and it will happen.

    You may need a bit more Pred to tide you over.

    What is causing the delay?

    Big huge gentle hugs from me

    And kisses with bells on

    Kiki 😘😘

  • The joys of moving house! I'm so sorry this has happened Jo, though I think nowadays one has to expect that house moving rarely goes smoothly. Our next door neighbour's move was delayed 4 months for just the same reason, she eventually moved out last Thursday. But it's having everything packed up ready to go that's difficult. If you can't find your knicks buy some more, the same with sugar & any basic utensils you need. There are lots of Christmas decs in the shops so just buy the odd festive flourish & spread them round, some Christmas flowers & a poinsettia & it'll look lovely. Unfortunately it's not quite as easy finding the painting but I hope if you do find it she buys it!

    Love your garden, how can you bear to leave it? I know of course, & I hope you'll make your courtyard your little haven. x

  • It is difficult, but I remind myself that the garden is really too much for me. I can't do that AND painting. The former is healthier for the body, but the latter is as important for my soul.

    It's time for someone else to be its custodian.

    I might buy more knicks, but not the decorations. Can't bear to accumulate more stuff before I've even moved in! xx

  • Hi Jora,

    Firstly, what a beautiful garden, no wonder you will miss it! I do hope that your move will eventually happen and you get it to how you want it. Lift sounds good to me! I could do with one at the moment, I'm having my first knee replacement done on Monday (all being well and the wind in the right direction and all that!)

    As for where your knicks are, well, you will just have to go commando for a bit Jora!!!

    Seriously now, I hope that flare goes away very soon and all what you are looking for is found without too much effort. Gentle hugs. Barb xx

  • Thank you. I am rather proud of the garden but once I've recovered from the move, I'm excited about creating a new , much smaller one.

    Good luck with the knee. I had my first one in June. It's now by far the least painful bit of my body.

    Jo x

  • We moved house in August. I don't think my PsA is as troublesome as your RA, but it was daunting and in a way it still is as the house needs a lot of work and I'm trying to pull my weight but not always managing as much as I'd like to. The PsA flared up back in September after a thoroughly enjoyable burst of energy at first. That was demoralising .... removing wallpaper at a snail's pace and sometimes just plain giving up and looking at all the work that needed doing from the sofa. I had a steroid injection in my backside early in October and that did help a lot, I seem to be back on track now with just my usual limits to contend with.

    But overall it has been worth it. I just love houses, I love making a new home .... and like you I'm acutely aware of how privileged I am to have one. The change of scene is really stimulating and there's a real sense of achievement in between those stupid periods of feeling a bit defeated. It'll all come good Jora, it'll all be worth it. Wishing you plain sailing with the house move from here on, I'm sure your courtyard garden will be dreamy. Hang on in there!

  • Ah, thank you for such a supportive response. I've just met the vendors who are charming, as our my buyers. That helps. I'd hate to let the house to someone who didn't care.

    I know I'll have to do another cull when I get there, but that'll be more leisurely.

    Jo x

  • What a wonderful start to the new year to look forward to, but i am concerned about you being in your new cottage alone, now i believe i would make an excellent lodger and secondary art critic and would you believe having looked at my diary i am completely free from the 10th of january! and onwards for about the next 4 years or so if im lucky!

  • That's very kind of you! I'll only be as alone as I want to be. My ex-not-quite-other-half is with me for a couple of days a week. That suits us both well. And I have a wonderfully supportive circle of friends.

    I hope you find good lodgings where you can fully exercise your critical faculties! J

  • Yep, ok, we will leave it that you will think about it then! (god loves a trier)

  • It depends how trying they are :)

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