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Dentist and knees

Thank you for your replies on the above two queries. I don't think warfarin is the problem with tooth extraction as my INR is about 2.5. I have had 2 extractions done before with no problem. Regarding the pain behind my knee, no I haven't had any physio on it. I have mentioned it to my rheumatology consultant but he didn't seem bothered about it!

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Have you asked the dentist? As flow4 said, even if your INR is a reasonable range, it's likely to be because of local guidelines, or his medical insurance or something like that.

And if your rheumy's not bothered about your knees then more likely to be mechanical. Do you do stretching and weight bearing exercises to keep the muscles supporting your knees strong?

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Yes, I did ask the dentist, she just said it was new regulations.

No. I don't do stretching exercises, I know I should. I did them for about 2 months after my knee replacement but that has tailed off!, I will start again, TODAY


Good, great that you're going to try to start the exercises again. Slowly, but surely I hope you'll get more movement back.


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