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Well got knee arthroscopy tom feeling a bit tense 😬

To say but I've had them before so I'm sure it will go fine saw the rheumatologist tues wants me to start methotrexate as soon as

Found out I now have calcification in my left Achilles' tendon and tendinitis what next

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Good luck tomorrow x it'll be fine x

Deejojo in reply to LizzieR

Thanxs Hun just hate the waiting xx


Good luck for tomorrow. I've had an ankle arthroscopy and a jaw one. Initially, I was more uncomfortable but the longer term symptom relief was worth it. I hope it is for you too.

The waiting is always the worst bit isn't it? Great big gentle hugs for tomorrow


Best of luck for today darling. It seems it never ends for us does it. Sending big hugs your way.xxxxx

Deejojo in reply to sylvi

Thanxs Sylvi xx

Deejojo in reply to sylvi

Just sat in garden enjoying β˜€οΈ xx

Sure it will go well. Thinking of you. X

Good luck today! Xx

Good luck for today. Hope it goes well for you. Be thinking of you and gentle hugs for you.

All the best for your op!! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

I had arthroscopic on both knees. Made them move better with less pain. Also had them cleaned out to help the Baker's cysts go away. 14 months later and the cysts are finally getting smaller and softer. I do have the feeling that it is because of the Actemra though.

Anything is good when you have a ton of pain in your knees. The surgery lasts about 15 minutes. Total time in hospital is 2 hours or so.

Well worth it in my book


Good luck today xx

Good luck for today x

Deejojo in reply to Riedenise

Thank you Hun xxx


Hope it went well i had successful one last march and when it "healed" ie after physio and recovery period no pain, make sure you follow all instructions re rest and physio to get best results

Deejojo in reply to summer32

Feels ok the pain seems to be easing a lot the wors day was wesd the day after I had it done x

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