Cold once again

hi all just a quick question, I had a cold Dec 8th and was off work for 3 days as could not even get out of bed and was so tired. I went back to work but still was not better and my cold lasted for another 3 weeks with the cough lasting another week after that. I now have another cold with streaming eyes and another sore throat and once again so tired! my question is do you think this is all related to having not much immune system? But also at the moment I am in remission and am only taking 1mg of steroids and then I will be off them hopefully by next month. But also taking my normal medication of mtx injection hrydro, sulfaz and codeine, folic acid, lansoprazole and metoclopramide and now sertrailine for depression. I was told I have melancholy Depression.

Thanks for listening to me and am hoping you are all not in much pain today.

Carol xx

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Carol with the way our immune systems are it takes longer to recover.xxxxx


Hi Carol, hope you are feeling better. I too am on Mtx injections anmd Embrel too, and whenever I get a cold my Rheumatology nurse always recommends that I stop both until the cough and/or cold have gone. It takes ages for me to shake them off and quite often turn into a chest infection and need antibiotics. These medications do wipe out our immune systems and leave us quite vulnerable. Check with your rheumatology dept to see what they recommend. Hope you are feeling better soon.


I am have been ill for 3 week with a cold type virus with ear infections. My old hospital told me to leave off mtx whilst on antibiotics but new one says I should still do my injection! Personally I do think taking a break allows your body to fight the virus easier, but I'm no expect of course.


It does seem as though you're having trouble with one cold following another with little time cold-free inbetween fighting this latest cold. Have you seen your GP or spoken to your Rheumy nurse? If not I think it might be helpful just to ask advice, it must be so draining. x


I`m not sure where u are but everyone round here had a cold/flue that was persistant for about 3 weeks ,it really knocked people out even those who normally were not normally bothered with colds. I personally got it and could not shake it off for about 3 weeks,this is the worst I have ever been in my life.


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