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Cold weather

Hi All

As usual, without fail, it's now got cold enough to make my knees ache and my fingers feel stiff. I'm fed up taking pain relief as I'm having to so to maintain employment. I've been suffering and still am suffering from regular lower back pain\ache and have been using a stick for the last 10 days at work and my back has been bad for 3 wks now. Hence having to take regular pain relief and I've not lost a day of work, so far; which I'm really pleased about.

The cold spell this week, just adds to how miserable I'm feeling at the moment.

Just wanted a moan

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Hope it clears up soon for you x


Thanks x


Moan away. That's what the forum is for. I feel so sorry for those who have to go to work with this illness. I'm an artist, working at home when I can, but just the thought of rush hours is a killer. Poor you. Well done.


Cheers, its particularly hard waiting for public transport in the cold. Roll on the warmer months

Joanne x


Lovely to hear from you Sci, but sorry it's because you're suffering.My knees and hands are beginning to play up at the moment but didn't associate it with the cold weather. I've learnt something today. Thanks.x


Yep dec-feb are the coldest months for those of us, that heat extremes as a trigger. Wrap up warm if you have to go outside.

Cheers Joanne x


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