Update to the faint/fit

Firstly thank you so much for the support you've all given, it is so wonderful to have people to talk to in similar situations and with their own experiences.

I saw my GP today, I'm lucky to have a good one, she tells me I have low blood pressure, which does drop when tested from sitting down to standing up, this explains the faint. She is happy that it WAS just a faint and the shaking that my husband witnessed was a reaction to the faint......phew!!!!!

Nothing can be done about the low blood pressure, just have to do things more slowly, and keep an eye on it. With twin 6 year olds this could be a challenge lol.

We have tweaked the dose of Sertraline to help with the anxiety so fingers crossed that will kick in soon, and I am waiting for a review appointment in February with my rheumatologist.

Overall, I am feeling loads more positive and relieved already.

Massive credit to you guys, really feeling the love xxxxx

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  • Hugs and i am glad it was nothing too serious.xxxxx

  • I'm pleased you were able to see your GP so promptly. Also that the fit wasn't a fit, I was concerned for you about that. You'll have to note where there's seating & calmly head for them if it happens when shopping, my dad always knew where they were on our trips out! x

  • Great advice. Thank you x

  • That's good news. Thank you for the update. Although they can't help with it at least now you know what you can do to help it and you aren't worrying that it was a fit. I hope your twins won't be too much of a handful for you and that you're able to prevent the fainting by taking things as slowly as you can.

    Kind regards


  • Like you say PHEW! That must be a big relief. If Ly we could find a way t split your low blood pressure and my high blood pressure we'd both be fine.

    Lucky you with twins, my mother and my mother in law were both twins and I would have loved to have had twins - as it was when my son was born my mother totally shocked me by saying she prayed every day that I wouldn't get twins - only because she knew it would be hard work. I would still have loved to have had them though :)

  • I also have low blood pressure. When it got really bad a few years ago (almost fainted every time I got up!), I went to a new doctor that said it had everything to do with my adrenal glands. He put me on a supplement for adrenal support that I got at the health food store and it worked wonders! I was on it for about 6 month and my fainting symptoms went away. I still have relatively low blood pressure but nothing like it used to be! Hugs!

  • Thank you for the info on adrenal glands il bring that up with my GP next time. Good to know x

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