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Update & many Thanks to you all.


I wanted to give a big thank you to all of you that gave me such informative information. Boy did it help. Went to Specsavers this morning was very impressed with them. Upshot is a burst blood vessel caused she thinks by the possibility of high blood pressure. I’ve also got the beginning of cataracts. No toxicity from the Hydroxy. Well please with that. Not sure if the stress or just maybe run down or just coincidence I had a massive flare yesterday. I was in absolute agony mainly with my jaw. Do you find it the worst place to flare 😖Still continued with getting my hair done something’s just can’t be put off!!

Thanks again x

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Glad to hear there's no toxicity from the Hydroxy Caza, what a relief for you. I hope the eye clears up soon, it can sometimes look worse than it actually is. x

Such a relief when you’re given the all clear for something. Yes my flares always find my weak point first and last to leave . 🙄x

Great news 💃

I agree. I have had it in my jaw, didn’t realise it could occur there. Didn’t like it at all. Bit frightening really. But it went off after I took some heavy duty anti inflammatory tablets. Enjoy the haircut!

Caza in reply to GinnyE

I can’t take painkillers so it’s a case of grin & bear it but of course I couldn’t grin!!

I agree about the hair, my hairdresser asked me why I'd cut it myself, my reply. Because I was sick of having longer sideburns than Elvis Presley! 😊

Caza in reply to madme1


Good news. Hope you look great with new glasses and haircut the sky is the limit💐

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