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Consultant Apppointment

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Right my appointment went reasonable well. Loads more info. She thinks my Kidneys are not working properly , so i had to do a water sample. She also thinks i'm retaining water already on a water tablet. Its time for another M.R.I. on my lower spine to see if i have pinching. If i do then i'm to have an ex-ray directed steroid injection in it. Also had an ex-ray on my pelvic area across the top and then two on my side. Last but not least a blood test extra.

While I'm here a quicky, my daughter is doing great she only has to go for blood tests once a week now. Her bloods are getting better all the time , they are better than what they were before the transplant . She had the Stem Cells 18th Dec and she was allowed home on the 1st Jan. The doctors have never known any ones body to recover so fast.

My father has also gone back to his care home, He went went in Monday Christmas week and was supposed to have emergency treatment only and then sent home. It was as if they didnt want him to go. He finale got there on Friday after the Doctor said he could go on Wednesday.

Well thats me done for a bit hope everyone is as well as can be.

Sendine you all hugs XXX


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Chris - that sounds generally positive even though there seems to be rather a lot you need to have done. ANd great news about your daughter.

Keep warm and cosy in this weather

Darling everyone else in your family is getting better you don't seem to be darling. It is great news on your daughter and i wish her progress to continue. You i am sending lots of hugs.xxxxxxx

At least your consultant seems to be investigating properly, so hopefully things will improve for you. And good news about your daughter - you must be so relieved!

Thanks for replies, yes i'm so pleased with my daughter also my father, now need to sort me out again.

I didnt feel that bad when i went in to see consultant. felt cold and miserable when left.My hands do hurt most of the time, my feet hurt not quite as much as hands. My back upper and lower hurt most times when i do any work (cooking and cleaning). So hay ho on i go, I try not to let it stop me. I rest frequently do a bit and then sit etc .

Sending all hugs, hope you are feeling a wee bit better. XXX


hope you get sorted Chris. good news about your daughter. glad your father is settled again. Take time to pamper yourself you deserve it.

Hi Chris, Good news about your daughter, and glad your father is much better and settled again. I wish you all the best and hope the doctors get you sorted out soon,

take care, you deserve to pamper yourself.

Sending gentle hugs. Sue xx

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