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Hip pain

Hi everyone

Hope you all had a pain free Christmas. I have been struggling with rheumatoid arthritis for over ten years but few months back I am having serious hip pain and the doctor said I need hip replacement. I am scared about my mobility after the surgery. Has anyone been through hip replacement operation? Please advice me.

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I haven't but my father in law had both hips done years ago (he's dead now) and walked The West Highland Way the following summer so no problems there.

A guy at my gym has recently had one done and is about to have his second one done - he was off in a plane for a holiday after the first one and they've got plans for more travel after the next one.

Think it's very important to do your physiotherapy properly - this guy used a stick for a while but he worked hard in the gym and you would never know now that he had had anything done.


Yes, I had a hip replacement last year, in May.

Almost certainly, your mobility will be better afterwards than before. :) Recovery does depend on a lot of different things, including how limited your mobility gets before surgery, how generally fit you are, how much you exercise, your weight, etc... But as a general rule, almost everyone has an immediate reduction in their pain, and then progresses as they do more and more exercise.

I was in a really bad state for months before my surgery and could barely walk. My hip/groin pain was GONE immediately afterwards - that was noticeable as soon as the anaesthetic wore off, which was unbelievably wonderful! I swam a LOT before and as soon as possible afterwards, which definitely helped my fitness and recovery: I walked a mile 4 weeks after surgery and walked 1-3 miles often in the year afterwards. But I also have OA in my feet, and RA which was undiagnosed and untreated until recently, so my recovery then plateaued and I am now not able to walk far at all - though still more than I could before surgery. However, despite this, my general ability to move around, bend, get in/out of chairs and up/down stairs is much MUCH better than it was. Even pottering around my house was difficult and painful before my hip replacement, but it is no problem now. I can also do some physical things that don't involve walking that were totally unthinkable beforehand, including aquafit classes, using a cross-trainer, climbing on/off an exercise bike, and even a bit of kayaking!

There is a good Facebook group called the Total Hip Replacement Forum which is friendly and full of people who have had THRs, or are waiting for them, and who are happy to answer questions and share their experiences. There is also a useful website called Bonesmart, which is worth looking at too, but I found its forum less busy and its members a bit less helpful.

I was absolutely terrified before my surgery and full of doubt, but I wouldn't hesitate if I ever needed my other hip replacing. It is a life-changing operation for a lot of people. Good luck, whatever you decide. :)


A rambler friend has had a hip and knee replacement and is back walking with us every week with no problems. She also walks easily every day


I Have just had a new hip replacement and it is wonderful no more pain,they give you exercises to do and I am now down to two sticks .and am driving again.

No need to worry your mobility will be okay.

Good luck



My son had a hip replacement in October. Now back to driving and walking the dog. He is still, at this stage getting tired and aching after a long walk and then uses one stick for a while, but it's early days. He was cheered up before the op. by his anaesthetist who had had both hips done. The important thing seems to be doing as many exercises as you can before and lots of exercises afterwards to build up the muscles again.


I have had both hips replaced (one hip replaced twice) and both knees replaced - fantastic, go for it. Things will be so much better afterwards - but do as your physiotherapist tells you. (Also had both elbows replaced - I am almost bionic!!)


I've had two knees and a hip. All three joints are just as functional, as strong and as flexible as the original equipment. And best of all, they are pain free. BUT, as others have said, the key is physiotherapy. If you are going to have it done, please do your very best to learn and do the exercises before you have the surgery. I did them at least three times a day, for three months before the surgery. Yes, it was uncomfortable and terribly boring. And so worth it. If you go in strong, it will be much easier after the surgery because you will know what the exercises should feel like. Take your pain medication an hour before, and work those muscles for all they are worth. It is hard. It is uncomfortable. And it pays off.

The pain after surgery is different from that before: that bone deep relentless torture is gone. The drugs are good, and each day the pain is less. Would I do it again? Absolutely. And I will -- my second hip is on its last leg.


I had a hip replacement in dec2000 the 2nd hip in March 2001 then a knee replacement in Dec 2001. At the age of 61. I worked for n.h.s. In a physical job.i went back to work and never looked back.. I had my last operation, my left knee replacement in 2006, and also went back to work. As the previous people have said the key is exercise. When I had my first op in dec2000 when I got home there was ice and snow but with my husbands help I walked around my street.i'm now retired ans suffer from rheumatoid arthritis but my consultant and his team are great. I was scared before ops but it was the best thing for me as I was in so much pain.i hope all goes well for you which I'm sure it will.good luck and a happy new year to you and everybody.


I know of two people - women - both well into their 60s who had their hips done last year and both are fine - I believe you will need a little help to begin with but very quickly ( if you do exercises etc ) you will be much better than before . It seems to be such a common thing these days they (the drs etc) have got it down to a fine art.

Good luck let us know how it goes xx


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