Hip and groin pain-advice?

This is a new one for me! Horrible groin and outer hip pain. Does anyone else wake up with this.It's just on the left side and it's tender to touch. The pain is hard to ignore! Hasn't got any better all morning despite Co-codamol. 30/500. It feels like a straight line of pain running through from the top of the hip into the groin.

Any suggestions?

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  • I hoe u get some ideas as I get it and it's horrible, just started a month ago with me

  • Makes you feel sick doesn't it. I have to see my GP this pm so I will mention it. Will let you know if I get any joy.

  • Thanks, much appreciated

  • Hello BOB here

    If not already you will need to see the GP for a diagnosis, also medications, sounds like the hip needs stronger medications


  • Thanks Bob, watch this space!

  • Well that was well worth the effort! I explained about this pain and without even examining me he said (and I quote) 'Ah, that will be the arthitis'.

    Oh well.

  • Really , I'm rolling on the floor laughing lol! I thought he would impart great wisdom, think I could be a doc then, joking! But I'm still in gutsy laughing here, Hee Hee , thanks for cheering me up, in a very strange way lol lol :) :)

  • It made me laugh too. Glad it cheered you up. lol xx

  • It seems that once the medics know you have arthritis, they put every ache and pain down to just that without any investigation.

  • Totally agree. I just hope it eases off soon.

  • VERSATIS patches!!!

    i promise my life has been made miserable this last month then I was offered these patches-- they work. Place them on your hip and life becomes much more tolerable. I am now on morphine patches but so many other joints are affected but Versatis made a huge difference so have the joy of both.

  • What med is in them? What do they do and were do u put them hip or groin?

  • Hi If you find out anything let me know it will save me cutting both my legs off. Matt

  • Lidocaine 5% Allanah. I put one on my hip and I know I can add two more. So when my wrist and hand are incapable of doing anything because of the pain I apply one there too. Would never have believed it would have been so effective for me....absolutely worth a try

  • Can they be bought without prescription, last question, I promise :)

  • I do not know that Allanah....I have now got on repeat prescription. Do you want me to get the drug company for you? I do not mind your question- I was so cynical about this, but I now know it works. It is worn for 12 hrs then 12 hrs off......and boy do I know when it is not there even with my morphine.

  • Yes please and I will ask the chemist first x

  • Ok- versatis 5% medicated plaster Lidocaine.....manufacturer Grunenthal x

  • Cheers me dear !

  • Allanah, the patches are prescription only but I have been able to buy Lidocaine 5% Gel without prescription. I have found that Voltarol Gel massaged into the hip joint has been the only thing that has had any impact on deep hip pain. Cece x

  • Thanks will try thAt xx

  • Sounds like a plan. As it's early days with the Hydroxychloroquine I was told by the GP that I would not notice any difference as yet. He was very reassuring today..................................joke.

  • Hi Poppylady1, Was it the Rheumy or GP that offered you the patches. Matt

  • Hi Matt, was the Rheumy that initially suggested it, however had a Discussion with my GP yesterday and she actively encouraged me to use and was very aware of it....as I understand it my GP is prescribing

  • Hi Hev53, For the last four weeks i was convinced i had a trapped nerve the pain was unbearable again no painkillers worked, Eventuality i was sent for a x-ray, and the results were my RA has wear and tear on my hips just like it did on my Lungs, Wrists and Hands, And because of my lungs there is no treatment for my RA, Hope you get some pain relief soon. Mattcass

  • Hi Mattcass I think I will see how this goes and if in a week I am still suffering I shall ask again. Sorry to hear you have so many problems. I do wish you better.

  • Hi hev53, Thank You i have got to the stage the minute the pain comes i find things to do.Matt

  • Hi All, I have pain from hip to groin and have been told I have groin strain. Am being treated by marvellous osteopath. taking a long time to go though! I too have RA and PMR.

  • the osteopath i go to is very good at working out whether the pain is coming from my back or from my hip - and if from the hip whether it is inflammation of the bursa or the joint. All of these need slightly different treatments.

    So, my message is - don't just accept the label of "arthritis" - yes it is, but what needs to be done about it?

  • I have been put on the patches & am sure they are helping ,I have osteoporosis & need hip replacement & knee but with having ckd stage 4 & enlarged heart with heart block prevents a lot of opps. I'm taking oxynorm 5mg 4 X daily with paracetamol & lots of other medication for BP - heart & anemia .im feeling very low at times & getting me down ,would love to hear any response from other sufferers .......keep well.

    Peggy 🌹🌹🌹

  • Hi ..go back to your gp...I had same ..I went into the drs one day stinging in hip an bad pain in right groin..he did same didn't get out his chair ...said come back if it's not better ..so I stood up got to the door walked back in and said ...I'm bk an it still hurts ...didn't have any sence of humour and gave me co codamol xx but been back again had dexa scan and it's ostioporosis. .so please go back and hope you get some rules if not good but least your know xx

  • I have fibromyalgia and I actually am getting pain in hip and groin goin into leg and I now I'm 3 years late typing this lol 😂 but how and. Ever only seen comments now .. but my doctor won't put my fibromyalgia on any hospital letter for e.g. A&E or out Pacient appointment because he knows all hospitals wil put it down to fibromyalgia so maybe.ive a good gp in that sense. But stil got getting to the bottom of it ..

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