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oral thrush

sorry shift keys not working.

i have had ra for 21 yrs. at last rheumy says i can have enbrel.

but now i have oral thrush and enbrel on hold. have had 2 courses of nyastin and seems i have thrush resistance as it wont clear up.

enbrel is in the fridge and i feel devastated i can't have it yet.

dose as anyone know a way of getting rid of resistant thrush.

i am on pred which i feel is feeding the thrush.

your thoughts please.

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Hi there the BEST thing I was told by a pharmacist is manukau oil, 2-3 drops in about 4 tablespoons of water and swish it around in your mouth about 3 times a day especially when mouth is clean at night so it has time to work. The trish will probably be thru your system so garlic and parsley tablets and probiotic tablets. Wishing you well.xx



you for that, took me ages to find the oil which wasn't for external use, then when i did went to pay site didn,t like my card.

when i had a foot ulcer podiatrists used a manuka dressing and it healed very quickly, when all else had failed so will try again..


Hi there I gargle and spit out! It's excellent


Rinse your mouth and gargle with diluted vinegar (cider vinegar is probably the most palatable). I have used this remedy to get rid of oral thrush a couple of times and it has worked quickly. As it's long established you might need to do this two or three times a day for a few days to clear it.


thank you, have some cider vinegar so will start with that, although might not be able to tolerate taste as usually have with honey. mmmh


I've had several doses or oral thrush, mainly because I'm on permanent antibiotics, a steroid inhaler and pred. The pharmacist suggested something like 'Daktarin' which worked ok but was had to administer. I found a spray in a bigger chemist. - corsodyl for oral thrush. It worked well and was easy to use because it was a spray!


i had a course of daktarin and now on 2nd round of nyastin. also have pred which i feel is feeding the thrush.

i will check out the corsodyl.

thank you


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