Oral thrush/asthma

Following on from my questions posted a couple of days ago....I saw the rheumy nurse today but she didn't want to know about the probs I am experiencing. Just said that I needed to see my GP. So, as I go into the 4th week of thrush I will be back to GP tomorrow (if I can get an appointment!) Good news though.....steroids reducing quite quickly and they hope I will be off them in 2 months time. Also blood tests now monthly (yippee...hate them)!! Grateful for small mercies!! Thx for helpful advice.

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  • It's a long month when your mouth is so sore. Mine is just clearing up after 5 weeks due to Antibiotics :)

  • It's helpful to know that others are on antibiotics for so long to clear thrush. Not good for either of us though. Hope yours clears up soon. Did you read post about the toothpaste, Aloe Dent? I am giving that a try at mo.

  • No I haven't read that but going out in a min so I will go the chemist and ask for it. Try anything. Hope it works for you. Rose

  • I got Aloe Dent in Holland & Barrett. Chemist may sell it too, not sure. Good luck

  • Oooops never seen this answered my question lol thank you.

  • Hi Del did you get the Aloe Dent from the health shops as the chemist don't stock it :( ? Rose

  • Hi Del8, I am being treated for Wegener's, but the treatment and drugs are similar to everyone else's on this site. I got oral thrush about 6 weeks ago after eating a honeydew melon. Then 2 weeks later after I stopped eating melon I got it again from plums. Apparently there is a direct link between melon, soft single stone fruits, (plums, apricots peaches etc) and oral thrush. Google it. It has got to do with oral allergies and a compromised immune system, (which we all suffer from). I saw my GP and explained it and have been prescribed Nystan (Link Below)


    My attack has died down at the moment and I haven't used the medication yet so can't comment on it. I also haven't had any soft fruit since. So a general warning if you do suffer from oral thrush.... and you are on a low steroid dosage.... to be on the safe side... don't be eating any of these soft fruits.

  • Thanks for your info. Pretty sure my thrush is caused by my asthma inhaler (more steroids hitting back of throat). GP tried Nystan first but it didn't work so then put me on stronger antibiotic pills. Still not worked. I will try gargling with cider vinegar next. Thanks.

  • Sorry to hear you've been putting up with oral thrush for such a long time, I know how uncomfortable it can be. Have you tried diluted vinegar mouthwash/gargle? I found it cleared mine up quite quickly. It stung a little, especially at first, but then again most things did anyway. Any type of vinegar will do but cider or wine vinegar is a bit more palatable than standard malt. Hope it helps xx

  • Thanks for that. I will give the cider vinegar gargle a try.

  • Hi there! there is a definate link with sugar and fruit so go off these for a while, the other thing is if it is in your mouth it is probably thru your whole system. I took garlic and parsley tablets, a probiotic and best of all is 2-3 drops of tea tree oil in 1/4 glass of water and swish it around in your mouth in the morning after cleaning teeth and before bed. wish you well.

  • It's not so much in my mouth as being right at the back of my throat. Hence the GP says it's my steroid inhaler/ low immune causing it. I will try gargling with tea tree oil. Thank you.

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