Any known affects like thrush with mtx injectable & hydroxy

I'm in bloody agony at present bad enough dealing with the RA and degenerative disc disease I've got anal thrush which is uncomfortable, sitting at my desk today with my bum on fire is no laughing matter I can tell you. GP gave me canasten and said come back next week. I've had it a week but swab was negative? I know I have been using loo more since injections. Any one know or had a similar experience, going back to GP Monday as its been eight days now. Any advice welcome, my wife is highly amused:-(

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  • I bet she is but no fun with RA. I take injectable MTX and was taking hydroxy but haven't had oral thrush. I think it will be to do with your reduced immunity perhaps. Hope it goes away soon. X

  • Thank you I'm gritting teeth and every thing else, your probably right. I will get through weekend then of to docs, cool pads I just found in my medicine cabinet work a treat for temp relief x

  • I'm not great just now either but hoping for sunshine as that boosts morale at least. X

  • I hope you start to feel better soon the weather change here in the SE has been great. But does need to warm up some what you take care x

  • YES! One word n. Doctor, second word Diflucan! The chemist probably won't let u have it over the counter due to u r meds though, horrid thing, hope u feel better soon xx

  • Thank you it's been awful I will check it out Monday x

  • Hi drink some pro biotic youghut.. thrush starts in the gut and in your case travels round to anus!!.

    There are other creams than canestan. Dr might me better precribing daktacort .... this micanazole and hydrocortisone or another in the anti fungal cream family. keep bum area clean and dry!!. as wet/ sweaty conditions are worse. sorry this sounds bossy, but working in pharmacy, you get to deal with all parts of the body!!, cotton underwear and non perfumed wash products help too x.

    It must be real pain for you xx

  • Pain is an understatement :-) I have been keeping it as dry as I can and keeping area clean. Last night was agony and straight after toilet use. Am little run down with it all but will see GP to see what else he will offer me. It's so distracting from everything. X I will start with pro-biotic today x

  • Yes I agree with summer, must be a pain in the bum! If you see my blog recently I just had an abscess on the bum! It was horrid and yes a pain in he backside heehee, u have to laugh don't you xx

  • I think if I didn't laugh I would cry like a big baby, going to take my youngest to drama class now hope they don't notice my squirming around:-( xx

  • Lol, they might think you got worms!!! Lol.i am joking xxxxxxx

  • Hope the drama class goes ok, my daughter did her gcse performance yesterday, doing a Greek tragedy. They were amazing! It's a shame theirs so little work or she old be a great actressXx she is 16 and definitely a drama queen! Hope u get sorted on Monday xxx

  • Thank you my girls are 7,5 my youngest son is 2. Hands full

    as wife at work today x

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