So upset

Today I have been forced by HCAH to report them to the CQC.

I was upset because they are not delivering my Enbrel Injections despite numerous phone calls but to keep blaming 'others' when I know it is down to them has added to my distress and upset. (they admitted it was their fault).

How can these people hold the health of so many ill people in their hands when they are so incompetent beggers belief.

I am only on Enbrel at present as the Methotrexate was making me so ill and as is historic with me if I have to stop my Enbrel I always become ill, so I am rather panic stricken at the moment upset and angry that this company will not take responsibility and will not supply my Enbrel.

Feel worse now that I felt a strong need to take the steps I have today.

Hoping a moan will help relieve some of the emotions I am feeling.

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  • Do call the NRAS helpline. They may be able to support you xx

  • Thank you Allanah. X

  • Thats really awful that you are still having problems. Think about letting your MP know as well - they can often hurry up a resolution to problems like this.

  • Yes earthwitch I informed HCAH that I was contacting my MP as well. I have just been contacted by the complaints department as they have said I will have my injections by next week. I am still so upset by this. Spoke to a CQC officer this afternoon and he said my complaint should be to my consultant as it's their fault. Going to ask my GP to find another clinic for me. Thank you for your support. X

  • Hey D.. What a b**** impossible situation... Do keep sounding off here to let the 'steam' out and good luck.


  • Thank you Ali. It's not in my nature to confront people and it's really upset me. Having said that tomorrow is another day. Thanx again. Xx

  • Good on you, from what I have read it seems these people are getting away with absolutely everything they do. It makes sense reporting them because this is abuse and abuse isn't legal, or is it?. Best wishes and I hope you get some real answers.


  • Thank you Philip. The inspector informed me that they had until the end of September to put things right but they have not done so. As I said earlier they cannot mess with peoples health so I am fighting all the way. X

  • Threaten them with the media if you get no satisfaction, organisations don't tend to like being splashed all over the news for the wrong reasons. But seriously it is just gross incompetence. Imagine if they went to a petrol station and paid for petrol and then didn't receive it I am sure they would be mighty unhappy. They deserve a kick up the behind by the sound of it. Good on you

  • Thank you for your response. Yes they do you are right and after two weeks if stress going backwards and forwards between them and my biologics nurse I am not taking anymore. The inspector said it's all down to my consultant using the cheapest provider and so I need to ask for another one. I am going to talk to my GP and see if I get the support there. At the moment apart from you guys I feel I'm standing on my own which feels very frightening. X

  • You would and that is so not fair or good for your health as stress can trigger a flare. as health consumers we are treated like second class citizens in many instances and it is just not good enough. We did not choose to be like this, it is nothing that we have done and it is inhuman to treat people this way. do you have a consumer health advocacy group in the UK? If so I would contact them as well. I tend to write to the Minister for health and then cc the world in so he knows how cranky I am!! Hope things get better for you and we are all happy to continue to support you. that's what we are all here for - each other. :)

  • I don't know about an advocacy group but will look into it. Thank you. I have been very patient with these people but that has been exhausted now. Today I have woken up with a fighting spirit and have left a message at my specialist clinic outlining this. Like you rightly say we did not ask for this disease and I am trying to keep working which is a daily battle without all this stress and upset. And yes it does upset the RD stress and my RD clinic should now this. Hope you have a good day. X

  • Yes I work full time too and it is a struggle especially when we have added stress. I hope you get some resolution and your GP can help you.

  • It is that. Thank you Someonesmother. X

  • Oh come on! What a stupid response from the inspector! NHS has a duty of care to use providers who can supply the goods - you can't say its OK for them not to provide a good service just because they are cheap. If the NHS decide to use someone cheap, then they still need to be able to supply on time. If they can't supply on time then they need to have their contract cancelled.

  • They do need to have the contract cancelled I could not agree more. I have been told that Bupa provide and he did give me another name. I am seeing my GP this week so will see if I can be provided with a competent provider. X

  • Good luck, let us know how you get on.

  • Thank you. Yes I will keep you posted. X

  • I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I actually had to miss a dose of enbrel earlier this year because they failed to deliver it, the end result was that I became sensitised to it, and had to change to humira. I well remember the stress it caused, and although my last two deliveries have been ok, I still get really uptight when it's due.

    This company have to go, they have had enough rope to hang themselves six times over! Well done for fighting on, if you need more evidence, I am sure that there are enough of us who've been affected to write a book full!

    Good luck! M x

  • Up until autumn 2013 I had excellent service from HCAH. But then HCAH left me without enbrel for a fortnight last December I felt to ill and exhausted to do much about it at the time other than send several email complaints to HCAH which they did not reply to. When I had a more recent issue with them failing to deliver my meds I filled in the "reporting a concern" form which can be found on the General Pharmaceutical Councils website. They contacted me the next day. This is the organisation that carried out the investigation into HCAH earlier this year and made the recommendations for improvements. They are now closely monitoring them and want to know of any difficulties we have. The form I filled in is designed for dispensing chemists but just fill in as much detail in the boxes as you can even if it doesn't fit the questions. I have recently had a much improved level of communication and service from HCAH; is it anything to do with my contact with GPC I wonder.

    It looks as if HCAH supply so many folk that they cant be just closed down without leaving thousands of us without medication. There is no other provider who can quickly absorb such a large number of patients. HCAH's problems started last autumn when they took on too many patients without having the proper structures in place after another company closed down. Unfortunately its a "catch 22" situation and we are the poor sods who suffer. God protect us from further creeping privatisation of our health service.

    Just a footnote to say that about 4 weeks ago HCAH responded to my complaint about my lack of delivery in December and sent me a letter of apology and £20 M&S voucher. I'd have rather had my meds and no hassle but hey ho a new top for me when I get into town.

    I am sorry you have had to go through this but when you are feeling up to it please google the General Pharmaceutical Councils website and fill in the form. The more pressure we can bring to bear the better.

    Good look


  • Thank you so much Mall I will do that tomorrow. I did not have any issues until earlier this year been on Enbrel since 2012. I wanted my prescription change from a one month delivery to a two month it took 7 months of chasing them with letters and phone calls. Got sent an apology letter in August and a beautiful vase of flowers. Now this which is worse as like you say we would rather have our injections. Incompetence of the highest degree. Thank you for your advice will google and see where I get. X

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